McKinlay Thomson Makes An Impact with Sizzle

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McKinlay Thomson 1Sizzle

by: McKinlay Thomson

Elisa is a shy, quiet, bookish woman with one huge problem. She has a crush on the hot Dom living next door and he doesn’t even know she exists.

Alex knows his curvy little neighbor watches him over the fence. He would like nothing more than to bang on her door, drag her back to his place, and show her he has just the right toys to keep them both satisfied well into the night.

When Alex and Elisa finally come together could a threat from his past derail their budding romance or will their desire continue to sizzle.

This story includes impact play in a BDSM setting.



Quickly starting her car, Elisa pulled from her parking spot and made her way through the town to her house. She parked her car in her driveway but didn’t go inside. Elisa grabbed her purse, locked her car, and stepped over the low fence that separated her property from Alex’s.
She bounded up the stairs to his front door and raised her hand to knock. The door swung open before her fist could land on the hard wood.
“Hey, baby,” Alex said, opening the door wide. “How was work?”
“I haven’t seen you in a week and that’s all you have to say to me?” she replied.
“Oh, I have plenty to say to you,” he told her. “Just not on my porch.”
“Sounds dirty,” she replied laughing. She followed Alex into the house and closed the front door behind her.
“I’m a very dirty man, baby,” he said, “or haven’t you figured that out yet?”
Elisa dumped her purse on the hall table and walked farther into the house toward the kitchen. Alex’s house was newer and more modern than hers and was furnished with no-nonsense practical furniture. The walls throughout were painted white, and the house had hardwood floors from front to back.
She loved his kitchen with its huge island and bay windows that overlooked his pool. With a large walk-in pantry and all the latest gadgets, it was a cook’s dream. A large dining table sat across from the kitchen, but she hadn’t used it yet. They had only ever sat at the island on the tall bar stools.
“I might need a reminder of just how dirty you can be,” she said.
“Sounds like someone missed me.”
Elisa walked into the kitchen, and the smells of roasting meat and vegetables hit her nose and made her stomach rumble.
“As much as I want to throw you on the table and have my way with you,” she said, “you are going to have to feed me first. I haven’t eaten since lunch, and I’m starving.”
Alex closed the oven door after checking on their dinner and turned to face her. His eyes had turned dark and sensual, and for a second, Elisa thought that dinner could wait, but then her stomach rumbled again, reminding her just how hungry she was.
“If anyone is going to be having their way with someone,” he replied, “it’s going to be me. I think my sub needs a reminder who’s in charge.”
Elisa felt shivers move along her spine at the dark promise in his voice.
“What do you have in mind, Sir?” Elisa asked, shy and excited at the same time.
“Waiting is part of the fun, baby,” he replied.
Alex grabbed her, pulling her into his arms. He was smiling as he lowered his head, his lips meeting hers in a sensual kiss designed to drive her senses crazy.
Elisa sagged against his big body and lost herself in his kiss. The man certainly knew how to blow her mind.
“I hate waiting,” Elisa said, breaking the kiss.
“Then I will have to make you wait longer,” he told her.


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