The Reunion (short read)

The Reunion

It had been a long time since he went to a party like this. He hated these things. He had accepted this invitation only because he knew she’d be there. Yet he second guessed himself all the way from the curb to the door. At the last minute he decided to stick with his plan.

Walking into the party, he was welcomed by the host. He hadn’t seen the guy in ten years and yet he was talking to him as best friends. He drowned out the host and concentrated on scanning the room. 

He didn’t see her…yet. He was disappointed for a brief second and then pushed past it. She could be late…hell, she was usually was late to these kind of things. But she would be there, she wouldn’t dare miss this opportunity to walk down memory lane. Plus, she had dared him to come, and he never backed down on a dare.

He walked away while the host was still talking and didn’t give a shit. He hadn’t seen the man in ten years and it would probably be ten more years before he saw him again. He walked across the room to the makeshift bar and helped himself to a drink. He usually avoided alcohol, but tonight seemed as good an occasion as any to indulge. Plus, it steadied his nerves. Just because he never backed down on a dare didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous about what was at stake.

The music was so loud, the bass shook glasses on the bar. He cursed himself when his glass shook in his hand. There were too many people they knew here from high school, she had been friends with them, but he hadn’t. There was a reason why he had avoided these people for the since graduation. God help them if one of these creeps actually tried to talk to him.

Why wasn’t she here yet? He didn’t have much time here before he had to get back. It had been hard to make an excuse stick to buy him this evening out. That was another reason why he hated being around these people that knew him. Too many witnesses and too many people that could talk.

Hopefully this gamble – this girl – will be worth it.  

He looked around the room at smug smiling faces around him. He would assume that to them (and probably to their host ), his reason for being here was clear. Perhaps even the exact reason for his invite. It had been a long time since he humbled himself so much to…care. He liked being the guy no one could read and no one could anticipate. And yet here he was, making himself vulnerable.

If it didn’t work out then later tonight, back in his apartment, he knew he’d be kicking himself for coming. He’d end up looking like some joke  — a loser who gave some old flame a second thought… But, what if his plan worked and he didn’t go home alone? That was the big question. He was risking his reputation to find out the answer.

He had taken extra care in dressing tonight. He hoped that he looked good. Either she would like what she saw or she wouldn’t. The passing years hadn’t been particularly kind on him, but he was still able, on a good night, to talk a lady in a bar into giving her his number.

But he didn’t want just any woman. Not anymore. Ever since she had called him out of the blue, he knew that he wanted her back. Letting her get away was his one regret. At the time it had seemed implausible that they would ever fall in love. They were two strong, but separate personalities. The only thing in common they had ever had was the desire and ability to get each other off. They had found that out one night years ago, both drunk and alone. Their tryst had carried on for some time. Until he had told her that he wasn’t interested in more from her.

He had lied then, and was about to tell a bigger lie to her now to get her back. He didn’t feel great about it, but it had to be done. He needed to taste her again.  

Then from across the room…her laugh…unmistakable. Fuck. He hated the way his body reacted. He tried to calm his raging blood. He calmly breathed in and out all the while he drank in the sound of her voice.He couldn’t let her see how much she moved him.

This was the exact moment he was waiting for, preparing for. Nothing else mattered to him besides the next ten minutes. The next ten minutes could change everything.

He turned slowly and put on a smile. Slowly, trying not to appear over-eager, he walked towards the sound of her. As he got closer, he finally saw her. The wisp of golden hair, the grey sweater, the delicate legs crossed at the knee. She was beautiful, she was amazing. He was motivated now more than ever.

She sat on a sofa surrounded by a horde of well wishers. Her friends hung on her every word. She was the center of attention and she loved it! and she loved it. Her confidence, her control. The way she played the crowd was a thing of wonder. Like the people around her now, she had him fully captivated. Always had. She was the thought he sometimes woke up to in the middle of the night. To say that he missed her wouldn’t quite be true because she was never his to have. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he fully longed for her. The softness of her hair, the way her skin smelt. She was beautiful to him, sure but that wasn’t the only thing that made her attractive to him. It was the way her lips curled up when she found something really funny and the cute sound she makes when she sneezes. All these qualities sound silly in part but together…well together, they make her.

God, he loved her. He had let her walk away before but not now.

How would he do it? Would he walk right up to her and announce his feelings? Should he instead ask her to walk with him out to the garden for some privacy? Once he told her of his affection, how would she react? Would she crush him by turning him down, or by some miracle, accept his advances.

He mentally rolled his eyes at himself. God, talk about some love sick teenager. You’re older than that now and you’re better than some romantic fantasy. He took a deep breath. He had to remember what kind of man he was now. She was confident and in control? He would be too. He would make the crowd and she herself fall on his every word. He could do it. He would do whatever he needed to do in order to become the perfect man for her. 

He slipped into the booth beside her. She was so enthusiastic about the story she was telling that she didn’t notice immediately that he had joined them. He waited a second more before he traced the palm of his hand against her leg. 

She stopped her story mid-sentence.

He didn’t take his hand away.

Slowly she turned to him.  “I was wondering if you’d dare to show up or not.”

He smiled. “I wouldn’t have missed this reunion for the world.”

A Perfect Valentine (short read)

This is my special Valentine to you. ❤

It’s NSFW and contains many spoilers from A Perfect Dom. The original is available now from Siren-Bookstrand, on Amazon, Kobo and also from other ebook retailers.

This night takes place approximately six months after the end of that story. I hope you enjoy this look back into the life of Mia and Vincent.

PS. Siren-Bookstrand is offering all titles at 14% off for a limited time only. Use the code: VDAY14 at checkout. Offer is good only until 11:59 CST February 16, 2014.


A Perfect Valentine

          When he saw the car pull into the driveway, Vincent smoothed back the curtains and hurried into the living room. He put his feet up, turned on the TV and tried his best not to grin ear to ear.

          Thankfully he didn’t have to hide the frantic beating of his heart. He couldn’t have, even if he wanted to.

          He heard the door open and Mia step inside. He barely heard her keys hit the counter before his dog Gus started barking. He used to bark to keep intruders out. Now he softly ruffed, happy that the lady of the house was home. Vincent could hear the whooshing of his tail. It was a telling sign that, as weary as she must be from a full week of work, Mia had succumbed to the canine’s charms. Without seeing them he knew that Gus’ fur was being lightly stoked and his ears softly scratched.

          It still amazed him that Mia, a captivating woman from an entirely different world, had agreed to make a life with him. She had rented out her fancy house and moved into this small home that he had renovated himself. Although it was still very much his original home, she had put her stamp on every room. Her DVD’s now shared shelf space with his. Her Eamas designer chair was tucked in beside his over-sized leather recliner. Although it was a mix of styles, everything fit together beautifully.

          He was anxious to see her. All day today she had sent him text messages from her cell phone to his. Sweet little messages that had just melted him. It had been hard to hold himself back and wait. It would have been so easy to spoil this surprise he had planned, but he managed to keep his responses short and just sweet enough to let her know that she was loved.

          She had no idea how much was she was about to get spoiled.

          He heard her toe off her high heeled shoes, while Gus happily thumped his way into the living room to see his Master. A minute or so later she followed. Vincent kept his eyes on the TV as long as possible as part of his cover. When he finally looked up, he saw his love standing there, smiling at her own Master.

          “Hi.” Her voice was lovely but coated heavily with fatigue. Mia was a psychiatrist who worked at a Government clinic. Her patients were often the victims of abuse, and their stories sometimes took a heavy toll. Mia was very good at her job, but she was still working on her own recovery. A year and a half ago, and unfortunately again last fall, she had been held captive by her ex. She still physically and mentally wore the scars of her imprisonment.

          Vincent couldn’t take her pain away, but he could show her how much he loved and appreciated her. Every day he tried to make her see how precious she was to him. Today he planned to make her feel extra special.

          And it was time to get that plan started.

          “Hey babe.” He pointed to the TV with the remote. “The game’s almost over. Then I’ll get ready to go.” He was currently dressed in jeans and an old tshirt. Not proper clothing for a night on the town, but it would be fine for what he had in mind.  

          She bit her lip. “Vin, I know we had talked about going out tonight, but I’d rather just stay in and snuggle on the couch tonight. Okay?”

          Vincent made a show of frowning and feigned disappointment. “Are you sure? Terry saved a table for us.” Terry, a good friend, was the hostess at a restaurant they had gone to when Vincent and Mia had first started dating. Terry was also a member of the fetish club where they had first met. Mia had been tasked with introducing him to BDSM. He had no idea that she would later become the love of his life and the most important person in the world to him.

          “Really? Can you please call her and cancel? Tell her that I’ll make it up to her. I just don’t feel like going out.” She unbuttoned her jacket and shrugged it off. He loved watching her undress, even when she wasn’t trying to be sexy about it.

          “Fine.” Vincent turned back to the TV. “I’ll call her the next time they break for commercial.” It was hard to pull his eyes away from her to look back at the TV, but he had to stick to his plan.

          “Thanks. I’m just going to go change into something more comfortable and then I’ll fix us something to eat.”


          His eyes stayed glued on the game, but he listened for her footsteps as he left the room and headed up the stairs.

          1, 2, 3. He counted in his head, giving her time to get into the room and let her guard down.

          4, 5, 6. Vincent left the TV on but stood up quickly. Gus jumped up too, tail wagging. Sorry boy, there’s no time to play.

          7, 8, 9, 10. Vincent took the stairs two at a time. He was excited and ready to move to the next step of his plan.

          Go time!

          He burst into their bedroom, startling her.”Vincent!” She cried out, chastising him for the scare. He had given her just enough time to get undressed.

          He crossed his arms and slipped into a different character, one that suited him much better than the disinterested sports guy. “Mia, is that the way you address your Master?”

          “No, Master,” she sighed. “Vincent, I’m a bit too tired to scene.”

          He raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “Do you not trust me, sub?”

          “Yes, but…”

          “Then stop resisting my will.”

          Her shoulders slumped. “I’m sorry, Sir.” She bowed her head, slipping into her role as his submissive.

          Now he allowed himself the luxury of taking time to admire her. She was beautiful, and her submission to him created butterflies in his stomach. He was humbled by the trust she placed in him. He never through that he would be the type of man to want this lifestyle, but now he craved it. He needed the control.

          “Lie down on the bed please, face down.”

          Without another word of protest, she turned and climbed up on their big bed. She closed her eyes and laid waiting while he went to the closet. Originally he had designed and modeled this room to have ‘his and hers’ closets. The ‘his’ closet had been relocated to the spare bedroom pretty soon after Mia had moved in. Vincent didn’t mind. After another quick remodel the space now gave them enough room to store their toys and tools.

          The door made a click as it swung open, causing Mia’s eyes to snap open. “The toy closet, Sir?”

          “Yes Sub. Close your eyes again.”

          She gave a sigh of impatience, but he saw a smile sneak onto her lips.

          He returned to his task and selected a few pieces he would need. He also retrieved the bag he had hidden there. It contained a few items that he had bought special for tonight.

          Vincent closed the closet door again and walked to the foot of the bed. He closed cuffs over both of her ankles. The shackles had a small chain linking them, but as was so short it practically immobilized her. Once he finished with her legs, he walked around to the side of the bed. “Give me your hand, please.”

          There was only a slight hesitation before she raised her left hand. Being restrained had once been a hard limit for her. Now they worked through her fear together. She still didn’t love being tied up or cuffs but she trusted him enough to not let it derail their scenes together.

          After he snapped a cuff around her left wrist, she dutifully held up her right hand. He cuffed that wrist as well. Instead of having a chain together, these cuffs linked her hands tightly together. Although they were made of plastic that she could easily break and escape if needed.

          Done. The first part of his surprise was set up. Now to deliver it. The bed shifted as it took his weight. He sat by her side and, after taking out the massage oil her had purchased, put the bag down beside him.

          He poured a small amount into his hand and warmed the oil by rubbing his palms together. A light citrus scent filled the air as he began to massage her tired muscles. His palms worked her neck and them down over her stiff shoulders.

          “Thank you, Master” she breathed as his hands worked down her lower back to her legs. He loved seeing her relax as the tension of the week fell away.  He took care to kneed and pull every part of her body, right down to her toes.

          Fully relaxed, she didn’t open her eyes as he reached back into the bag again. He smiled as he readied his next tool.

          She shivered as the cold, stainless steel Wartenberg pinwheel bit into her skin. He could imagine the interesting contradiction of sensation as the spikes moved over her relaxed skin. When he hit an especially sensitive area, her back arched up and she moaned. Excellent, his girl was primed and ready.

          He began to massage her again. This time in a more personal, private area. As his fingers slipped through her folds, he saw that he needed no more oil to lubricate her skin. She was wet and he planned to taste her.

         As his tongue swept along her labia, her back arched once more. “Oh yes.” There was no sound of fatigue now in her voice. It was replaced by the husky sound of arousal as she urged him to continue. “More please.”

         He agreed. “You’ve been a good sub, so I think I’ll reward you.” He parted her legs as much as the chain between her leg cuffs would allow. Even that little amount gave him greater access to her clit. He took advantage of the reveal and touched the tip of his tongue to the sensitive nub. He have could be mistaken, but he thought that he heard her purr as he increased the attention he paid to that particular part of her anatomy. Her succulent cream coated his mouth as he lapped across her skin. With each stroke he added more pressure and tension. Each stroke was a little quicker than the last. He had been well schooled in her body’s response and this was a technique he knew she loved.

          It wasn’t long before her legs began to shake. Her body was tensing up, crying out for release. There had once been a time when she needed permission to come. Until the words were said to free her, her orgasm could only be held in, painful, coiled up like a tight spring until she was given the command to release.

          But now she trusted her Master and she trusted her own body. She was able to appreciate the pleasure he was giving her and the love in his intentions and actions. She no longer had to hold back to hide what was natural.

          Slowly her skin blushed and he knew she was close. He shifted slightly to apply more pressure and to wiggle a finger or two inside of her core. That added stimulation was exactly enough to send her over the edge.

          “Oh God Vincent, I love you.” She shook with the intensity of her orgasm and he tasted her pleasure with his tongue.  

          He stilled as the electricity in her limbs dissipated. He was smiling and he knew she was too. He loved making her come. This was just the first orgasm of many that he had planned for her tonight.

          He sat up. “How was that, sub?”

          She rolled onto her side to leaned up as far as she could on her side. “That was amazing, Master.”

          “Happy first Valentine’s Day together.” He left his perch between her lovely thighs and crawled up the bed to her.

          “Kiss me.” She begged.

          There must have been some lingering electricity in her body. He felt the spark when he pressed his lips against hers. Although it probably had little to do with her recent orgasm, as he had felt the spark from the very first time they kissed. He felt it again now and he hoped he always felt the electricity of the connection between them.

          She pulled back slightly. “Your turn?” Her big brown eyes were full of mischief.

          He was the Dom, and he was the one who was in control in the bedroom. Occasionally though he allowed his sweet sub to call the shots. “I thought you were tired.”

          She chuckled. “That massage almost put me to sleep, but somehow you found a way to wake me back up.”

          “That was exactly my plan.”

          “Very nice.”

          He was so blessed to have this pixie in his life. She had once thrown him away because she through that she was too broken to deserve his love. He was just lucky that she had come to her senses and agreed to not only be his sub, but also his wife.

          “So what else so you have in that bag?”

          He was considering letting her find out exactly what other surprises he had in store, when the door bell rang.They shared a panicked look. “Shit that must be the food. I conspired with Terry to have dinner sent over for us.”

          “So you never had reservations?”


          She shook her head in happy disbelief as he quickly un-cuffed her. The door bell rang again and Gus started barking. “You better hurry.”

          “I will.”

          He gave her a quick kiss. “And don’t look in the bag. It’s top secret until after dinner.”

          She smiled. “I can’t wait.”




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One Day to go!

Tomorrow Club Perfect opens its doors for the first time! 


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I’m pretty excited about the release and I’m pretty excited about New Years Eve. As I tend to leave things to the last minute, I was struggling to make reservations for us. Add in the ice storm and the damage some establishments have received this past week and I thought there was no chance on booking anything. Luckily I have just secured a table for four not far from my house. Score!

It will be a table for four as my parents will be joining us. It will be so much fun to celebrate with my mother. This has been an exciting year of change for us and I’m anxious to see what 2014 has in store for us both.

And because I am a sentimental fool, I was also thinking about New Years Eve and the rituals behind it. My husband has a co-worker who refers to the evening as “Old Years Eve”. I suppose that could be an appropriate way of looking at it. Out with the old, in with the new and all of that.  I am always feel positive at this time of the year. It’s just in my nature to believe that good things are ahead for us all.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it all the way to midnight, but I do love the tradition of watching the ball drop and counting down the seconds to the new year. I also enjoy the kiss that will come to start 2014 off right!

And because I love the hope behind that first kiss, I thought I’d share with you the first kiss between my characters Mia and Vincent. Enjoy! – caution NSFW

Their First Kiss – From “A Perfect Dom”

“Vincent, I think you should start by kissing me.”


A kiss he could do. She stood on her toes and angled her mouth toward his. She reminded him of Terry, onstage waiting for James to give her pleasure. Vincent took a deep breath and moved his head down so it wouldn’t be as much of a strain for her.

He went in for the kiss, but stopped.

He wasn’t sure why he hesitated. It’s not like it was the first time he had ever kissed a woman. He’d been kissing girls since he was fourteen. It was one of his favourite things. In his reckless youth he had kissed quite a few strangers—not that Mia was exactly a stranger anymore. She was his teacher and she was a beautiful woman. He wanted to kiss her. She had asked him to kiss her. So he should just man up and do it already.

Vincent took a step toward her. His nervousness rolled off of him in waves. It made his every movement a bit jerky. His hands shook as he reached out for her. Why was he feeling so awkward? Mia wasn’t going to would push him away or deny him like Catherine had. With Mia he had a pre-approved relationship, negotiated down to the even the finest point on paper. A contract was something the club demanded of members entering into a training agreement and he had signed it eagerly. Of all of the physical acts mentioned on paper, a kiss was just about the most chaste activity listed. There was no way she wouldn’t kiss him back.

Still he hesitated. In the moment his senses felt heightened. He could smell her faint perfume and hear her deep intake of breath as she prepared for their first romantic touch. He could even feel the heat in the air between them. Time slowed and he watched her eyes blink and then close tight, waiting for him to kiss her. That was his undoing. She closed her eyes and everything seemed right. She’d probably been kissed hundreds of times, and yet she still closed her eyes for his kiss.

He touched his lips to hers.

His mouth was shy, not pressing too much or demanding too much of her. He was gentle and light. A sweet kiss. First kisses usually are. Sometimes they are slow and fumbling and end as quickly as they begin. Mia’s kiss was dark and electric. He could tell that kissing her would be different from the very moment their lips first touched. She tasted of her tea and something else distinctly her. It was nice, but he rushed through their first touch before his spinning mind caught up with him. This restrained kiss was good, but it wasn’t great. It wasn’t a real kiss. It certainly wasn’t what they were here for.

He was a good son, sure. He had proper manners and treated everyone with respect. But those manners were getting in the way here. He was holding himself back. If he was going to do this, he needed to let go.

He pulled back just a second to take a quick breath before he returned to kiss her again. The second pass of his lips started almost the same as the first. He had some doubt. Would he be able to pull this off and actually become a Dom?

Then her felt her move. Her arms found their way blindly across his shoulders and brushed into his short hair. She pulled him closer, letting him know that he had her permission to go further. That was the last push he needed.

With a growl that surprised them both, he took control of her lips and kissed her more forcefully, capturing her mouth and making it his. Her lips against his felt good and sweet, yet at the same time purely sensual, like tasting warm caramel in the middle of soft dark chocolate.

He dipped his head even lower to deepen the kiss further. His movements mimicked hers. His hands were drawn to her hair too, and in his haste to bring her closer he pulled at the strands. That little bite of pain encouraged her. She kissed him back with an intensity that almost knocked the breath out of him. Her response was raw and primal.

She moaned and Vincent took the opportunity to push his tongue into her mouth. In response her tongue danced over his, tasting him and beckoning him to continue to claim her further.

Taking her up on the offer, he pushed his body fully up against hers. She staggered back for a second and then moved back toward him like a moth drawn to a flame. He could feel her breasts rubbing against his bare chest. Then her bare hips against his jeans. She was right, it was a turn-on knowing that she was fully naked and vulnerable while he was not. Every part of her that was soft was matched up with the parts of him that were hard and ready. He forgot all about being embarrassed about his body’s reaction when she melted against him. There were other parts of their flesh that demanded attention.

He let his hands leave her hair and travel down his shoulders and arms. As his fingers traveled over her smooth skin he felt a multitude of tiny electrical shocks. It was a little jarring, but it felt right. This was like no other kiss.