Birthday plus “Kiss Me” (short read)

Yesterday was my dear husband’s 35th birthday.

At first i tried planning a party to celebrate the occasion. I thought I’d rent a hall, make food and invite our friends. And then I got greedy and thought I’d prefer to have him all to myself. We decide to go on a trip. He picked 6 places that wanted to go to and then we did the research to see what kind of budget and time we’d need to fully explore each place. He settled on Niagara Falls, because they are close, do-able in two days and it was where we honeymooned 5 years ago (as of October 11). Then we scrapped the idea. one, it’s difficult getting to Niagara Falls from where we live if you don’t plan to drive. Secondly it’s very expensive the week before Thanksgiving to stay/do anything in a major tourist area, Third point — we’ve had a very rainy summer/fall (as I type this we’re having a brief reprieve before an expected thunder shower). No sense going if it’s going to be wet and cold.

So instead I surprised him with a day trip out to a local landmark that he had never been to before: The Ontario Science Center. Apparently there are over 300 science centers around the globe!


He was surprised and really liked it, especially the different experiments with sound. Considering how tired we both are today I would say that it was a definite success. When we got back into town we met my parents for dinner and we could barely keep our eyes open!

Today the birthday celebrations continue with his family. It’s always so nice to be around family and friends as the years pass. It makes the pain of getting older a little easier to take!

Today’s sort read is a romantic one — at least in my view it is! I hope you enjoy it. As always dear reader, I love your feedback! Feel free to Tweet me your thoughts @jadebelfry

Kiss Me

I’m usually so shy but when you look at me I’m suddenly brave. Probably because when you look at me, you really take your time and your eyes find every part of me. Neither my favorite parts nor my flaws are save from your gaze and that’s okay. Because when you look at me I feel beautiful. You make me feel like I’m more than just the little punk kid that everyone else sees, You look at me like I’m someone to be desired, because today it’s clear that you desire me.

You walk around me, I stand still as you enter and exit my eye line. I allow you this appraisal because right now it feels more like foreplay than ever before. Maybe, just maybe, you will allow me something more from you. My mind is racing but I try not to let you see how hungry I am for you. I try to be the good student, the patient student, but Sir, it’s been so long and I am starting to starving.

You smile, but only slightly. And for the first time I feel like you’re a tad unsure. You have no reason to be, and it’s not your character to be anything less than confident and in control.  Usually you are aloof, and a tiny bit cocky. I love it. God, you know I want you, so why are you hesitating?

Then, slowly, you make a decision. Your smile grows and becomes predatory. I smile too, because well, I’m nervous and it feels like as good a thing to do as any. With acceptance, the danger in your hazel eyes double. It does something to me. I can feel the need building inside of me. You say nothing.  You are beside me and your hand is oddly clumsy. It knocks against mine. Not seeking to hold, just seeking touch. This is the beginning of something.

You know, you feel, you anticipate. I bite my lip. I know, I feel, I anticipate.

Your eyes stare directly into mine as it begins. Slowly you move towards me. The action begins in the tight muscles of your neck and slowly makes its way across your body. Soon every bit of you is reaching towards every part of me. Your palms win the race. They find my hips and they take hold, sure. Your strong, smooth dark hands gently pull me towards you.

I take a chance. Hopefully I am not reading you wrong. Hopefully later you will forgive my bold actions. I take a deep breath as I raise my hands. My inexperienced fingertips find your rough cheeks. My hands brush against your face and you do not flinch. You allow me to continue, as I move my caress up to your temples until my fingers take take root in your dark hair. So wild and untamed. I’ve ached to touch these strands, and now I hold onto them tightly.

And at this point your eyes close. It surprised me. Perhaps it’s a reflex, but mine close in response. My senses are now on edge and my anticipation heightened. I feel you pull my hips tightly against yours. We are together. I can feel every part of you, from your heart beating to the slight shake in your legs, Could it be possible for you to be in control and yet as be just as scared as I am?

Something breaks inside of me and I see you as human. Of course I always knew you as human, that’s not what I meant. But now you are real. You are a person like me with hope and dreams and fears and desires. Suddenly it doesn’t seem to be too much to hope for that one day you would love me as much as I’ve always loved you. Oh God, if it’s possible I want it. I want it so badly.

I feel your breath on my lips…

Then I feel your lips as they press against mine. I hold my breath and savor the feeling. Your lips are softer and more gentle than I had imagined. You are tender with me and my stomach flips around like a butterfly, In the past few seconds you have shown me more sides of yourself than I thought possible. I love every one. Oh God, my brain shuts off as your kiss deepens, You show me passion through the increase in pressure of your mouth over mine. You pull me impossibly closer as you devour me. Your tongue touches mine, capture it  and own it just like you own me heart and soul. But I am not a passive captive. My tongue massages against yours and maybe I moan a little.

I feel you smile against my lips. “You like that?”

I let go of your hair and I nod. Of course I liked that. I loved that, Sir.

I think it but I don’t say it. You could probably read it in my eyes anyway or hear it in how hard my heart is beating, For the moment, satisfied, you pull back. Your mission has been accomplished. With a new kind of smile and a far different hunger, I chuckle nervously. You have taught me my first lesson, and I am ready for more. I am ready for you.

Favourites plus “The Things I could do to You (if you’d let me)” (short read)

I thought today I would share some of my favourite things with you.

Last week I posted some hints as to who my favourite erotic authors are. Here are some other favourites to help you get to know my more. Although I caution that these lists are just how I’m feeling today and may change at any time…

Books (non erotic or else we would be here all day) – In Time – Ernest Hemingway, The Bell Jay – Sylvia Plath, The Catcher in the Rye – JD Salinger, Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk.

Movies – True Romance, Fight Club, Vanilla Sky, Chasing Amy, Fast & Furious, Fireproof.

Music – So much of everything! Nova Rockafeller, Black Keys, Meg Myers, Hoodie Allen, Jason Mraz, Courtney Love, Walk off the Earth, etc. Newest discovery: Jimmy Nevis.

Tv Shows – I don’t watch as much TV as I used to, I prefer now to read (or write) but I have enjoyed True Blood, Under the Dome and Arrow recently.

Also: I prefer twitter to myspace, vine to instagram, texting to talking on the phone, podcasts to listening to the radio (Get Up On This is the best).


And now onto the story! It’s told in first person, a departure for me. It’s also more poetic than my usual works…although I do believe strongly that every good story has to have some elements of poetic beauty in them. As always, please share your thoughts with me. You can contact me here or through twitter (@jadebelfry) or facebook. 


The Things I would do to You (if you’d let me)

I remember that you have soft hands and even softer lips. I sit down beside you to get closer to those features I adore. There’s a man on either side of us, but you don’t pay him no mind. You’re talking, excited, rushing, pushing words out of your lovely mouth. I try not to laugh at your excitement.

“What do you want me to do?” I ask.

You hesitate a minute. It’s hard to transcribe desire into words for you. “Whatever you want.” You shrug and look away,

You begin to talk about something else. Something mundane. You’re making conversation to avoid kissing me. You’re nervous. We both know it, but it’s okay. I take your hand in both of mine and lightly stroke it to help make you feel more comfortable. You feel so warm. You don’t know exactly what’s coming next between us, but you have a good idea.

I can’t help it. I can’t hold back anymore. You said that I could do whatever I wanted to do to you, so I kiss you. I cut you off mid sentence with my action. You’re surprised but it’s okay.

You smile against my lips.

My kisses are soft and sweet at first, respectful yet sexy. I gain your trust then begin to kiss you with more passion and pressure. My tongue touches yours.  It feels slippery and electric inside your mouth.

My hand flies up to caress the side of your face and your long soft hair — caramel ringlets shining perfectly in the dim, low light. I follow the strands with my eyes, and then with my lips. I kiss you where your curls fall against your neck.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” I whisper.

Your only answer is a moan.

“You’re so beautiful” I whisper again. You’re speechless, I don’t think anyone’s told you that before. “Shhh, that’s okay, it’s true. You’re beautiful and incredibly sexy.” You laugh nervously and try to wave off my words. “I want you.” I admit. Your eyes close in response, overwhelmed by need.

My fingers find their way to the top of your cleavage. Yeah I’m glad your wearing that top again. You say it’s old and plain, and yet I can see how nicely it shows off your large, full breasts. Thank you for that. Usually you’re self conscious about them, and your body scared by your stretch marks that you earned for your son. I catch your eye as I admire the grace of your body. You really are amazing. If we were alone, you would be bare by now. I wouldn’t waste a second not touching, licking, sucking or teasing you.

That sounds like such a good idea. I grab your hand and pull you too your feet. Your eyes spring open in surprise, but you follow me without a word as I drag you out of this dark seedy bar and onto the street. I look quickly around for somewhere private. This is a popular neighbourhood and sometimes it’s hard to escape the glare of the lights. We circle back around the building. The bottom of the fire escape is housed in a tiny alcove.

I place you on the stairs and you watch me as I reach for your belt. You’re so desperate you push my fumbling hands away and take over. You probably should be debating if you should let me do this or not. But it’s so hard to resist when we’ve both dreamed of this inside our heads. It almost feels unreal as I ease your jeans slowly down over your knees. Both of us are far too turned on to stop. I can now see how wet and ready for me you really are. You’ve soaked completely through your panties, darkening the pink silk to a deep damp red.

You shutter a little as I first taste you. You’re sweet like honey. You move your hips by instinct. I re-position myself and find a rhythm. I let your response guide me. I would do anything at this point to bring you pleasure. I am completely enthralled with you. I’ve been that way for a while, but only tonight did I realize that the admiration was mutual. I can taste the effect I have on you on my tongue. You feel so different on the inside. I listen to your heavy breathing, your moans, your painting out my name. With a cry your body spasms and your press the full power of your body against my face and hands.

As you recover you begin to shiver a bit. You chuckle to yourself nervously. But there is no room for regret in this quiet night. 
You and I will share a sly smile. One that tells you that neither of us have yet been sated. You pull up your jeans and then pull me to you. Your lips crash against mine and you kiss me full on, exactly the way you’ve always wanted to kiss me. This is your opportunity to take control. You suggest we hail a cab and continue this in your apartment. I absolutely agree. Not that you have come once, we can rest and take out time with each other.

In private you touch me. In private you make love to me. We explore and touch and fumble towards ecstasy together.  After dawn we lay together, silent, sweaty and spent. In gratitude I kiss your soft hands and even softer lips. You wrap me in your beautiful embrace and together, finally, we find peace in sleep.

BDSM Talk and “Wine Glass” (a short read)

BDSM appears to be pretty popular these days — some would argue that it has always been a well known brand of kink just recently given the attention it deserves. That may be true, as books such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” are bringing BDSM out of the bedroom and into every day conversation. Who would have thought a few years ago that BDSM would be discussed openly on television? Or that a book with this brand of kink would become the biggest seller of the year?

But once the subject catches your attention, what’s the next step? Well you can certainly read more books that include BDSM in the storyline. The ebook market has allowed writers the freedom to write really good books while fully exploring their character’s sexuality. One great author that I love is Cherise Sinclair. The Masters of the Shadowlands are irresistible! Next I would suggest author Kallypso Masters’ Rescue Me series of books, or the Incognito series by Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle. Last but not least, Sophie Oak’s Texas Sirens series is one of my all time favorites and definitely worth checking out (it’s one of those “I dare you to read just one” series).

If you want to take it further, and enjoy steamy visuals, there are several porn sites that specialize in BDSM. has great trailers that let you see what a scene is about before you purchase it. You can also buy membership to their sites (they have many different flavours), if you find one that you really like. On their site I would suggest Sex and Submission scenes, or anything with James Deen.

Last but not least, if you’re really interested in the subject that think that you would like to join the lifestyle, there are special BDSM clubs. If you’re not ready to devote yourself just yet to a life of BDSM, but would like to spend time around people who are open and adventurous, there are clubs for that too! Believe it or not, there’s probably some sort of kink club in your area. Trust me. A good Google search will reveal locations, as well as etiquette and what is expected of members. As always, research everything carefully and never go alone to a strange club. Safe, sane and consensual, but SAFE always comes first.

 Here is one of my favourite kinky short stories. I have expanded it a little here…and I think maybe I’ve stumbled onto the start of a new book. Maybe even the perfect third for Mark and Terry (you’ll meet them both in my first book, A Perfect Dom and learn more about their love in their own book, A Perfect Trio). Let me know what you think, As always, I value your opinion! Would you like to read more about the Trainer?

As always, dear reader, this story is NSFW or minors!


Wine Glass

They both turned when he pushed open the door. He was sure that he was a bit older than they had expected, but it was hard to say by how much. His dark was dyed dark and his face deeply tanned. It made him feel like the man he had been years ago. He was different than, more inhibited. He definitely would never have imagined that he would eventually become the kind of man who posted personal adverts offering his skills to strangers. And yet, here he was.

And there they were. One was a brunette and one a red head. Both were lovely in their own way. He grinned when he saw them. Yeah, this would work out perfectly.

The two girls looked at each other, barely smiling. They were both excited and nervous, neither of them had been here before. Of course you wouldn’t know it to look at them, dressed in the clothes he had demanded they wear. The girls were too old to be called girls, but today that is what they were in character as. Each of them was tall and had ample curves. They wore school uniforms, except their shirts and white shirt were far tighter than any school would allow. Their shirts were cut low to reveal a sinful amount of cleavage. It wasn’t his fantasy, but it was a popular one, and being in costume would help them tonight. They didn’t wear any make-up but both had a rosy bush on their cheeks. A blush caused either by their knowledge of what the night ahead promised or brought on by the sweet dark wine he had provided.

Moments before, he had stood outside in the hallway and listened to them as they got ready for him. Their profiles said that they were close friends, so they probably hadn’t minded helping to dress each other. They were close friends that had never crossed that line to bring them even closer — until tonight. He had listened in on the sounds they probably hadn’t been aware they were making: nervous laughter at first, followed by sighs as their fingers lingering over clasps and buttons. As they continued in their task, small, soft moans began, possibly initiated by stolen caresses that were too frequent to be considered accidental. When they were ready, he had used his key card to unlock the door.

He did not try to hide his erection as he walked across the room and settled into the expensive leather desk chair provided by the hotel. How thoughtful, the chair would give him the perfect place from where he would start the night’s activities. On the desk was the vintage he had requested. The hotel had opened it and each girl had poured themselves a glass and indulged as he had also instructed in his email. He didn’t want them drunk, he just wanted their guard to be down a little. They had contacted him, sure, but that didn’t mean they were ready for what he had to offer. How could he help them experience true pleasure if they were too self conscious to open themselves up to the process?

He poured himself a glass of wine, all the while the two girls watched his every move. He would bet they hadn’t released a single breath since he came into the room. He chuckled to himself. “It’s alright girls” he smiled, “your Daddy won’t hurt you.” They giggled nervously, but appeared to relax a little.

Daddy was the name he used for himself for these meetings. There was nothing fatherly about the name. He used it because he couldn’t them his real name. And he despised that damn “Sir” that so many in the lifestyle chose. He certainly couldn’t use “Master”. He would never be a Master to these girls or anyone else. He was done with being a full time Dom. That part of his life had ended when his last Sub has left him.  

Damn. Why did he have to think about her? This wasn’t the time to think about his ex wife. Shit, they had been divorced a dozen years now and still the recollection of her calling him Master made him want to cry. He choked back his memories of her and tried to get his head back in the game. The girls were here for a reason, and he had a job to do. It wouldn’t be fair to them to call it off now. They had been good so far and done exactly what he had asked for them. Now it was time for Daddy to reward them.

“Come here, loves.” They looked at one another and then, together, stop and walked the length of the room to stand before him. He knew that individually they each had specific individual talents. Together they would be outstanding. “Kneel down,” he suggested, “and make yourself comfortable.” 

Each did as he asked, following the command in his casual suggestion. He saw just a hint of crotch as they tried their best to maneuver lady like in their tight clothes to kneel at his feet. Each girl sat before him in the slave position. Ah, they had researched well. Good, that would make things easier for him. He watched them closely. As they sat and waited he quickly was able to deduct their true natures. He had been able to gather some clues through their profiles, but now he knew for certain. It was fairly easily actually; the red head was the only one with her eyes down. The brunette was too excited to pretend to be a Sub, and that was fine with him. He didn’t care much for pretending anyways, it just made his job harder.

From the vantage point of sitting above them, he could see the full beauty of their cleavage. Sure, he was on the clock, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t enjoy himself a little. His eyes lingered as he took in their silky smooth skin. Perhaps ten years ago he would have tried to train them differently. Maybe would have tried to find his own pleasure between their lovely folds. There would be no harm in that really, but that wasn’t who he was anymore. Too bad though, he bet that each of them would feel very nice on his cock. Sure, he would allow them to pleasure him somewhat, but he wouldn’t be finding release inside of either of them tonight.

“Undress” he ordered. As he expected, after a moment of silent communication between them, the brunette turned to the redhead to help her remove her clothing. Slowly she unbuttoned her friend’s blouse. The redhead smiled as the soft fabric was peeled away from her breasts. Her nipples were already hard. The care the brunette took with her friend’s body as she rolled the skirt down over her hips proved his guess that there was affection between them that went beyond simple friendship. The brunette made quick work of her own clothes and turned back to her friend. Lost in the moment, she touched the redheads breasts without being asked to. He felt himself stiffen painfully as he watched and he realized that it was now he who was holding his breath. He let it out in one long aroused sigh.

The girls heard and turned their attention back to him. They smiled, liking their obvious effect on him. They were more comfortable with him there. That was part of his job — to be the male in the room, making their desires for each other easier to express. Surely it must be okay if a man was there, right? This part of his job was part of his payment.

Together their hands snaked over his slacks onto his bulge. He moaned as their eager hands fumbled with his zipper.  His pants were quickly discarded as two hands glided over his member. He didn’t dare close his eyes as one head…and then the other…dipped down to taste his cock. Lips and tongues mingled across and over his staff. The redhead, the one with the more obvious talent for oral took over. Her love of service made her eyes sparkle happily, as she sucked him to the back of her throat. Her big brown eyes looked up at him as she tried to take all of him into her mouth. She coughed, choking from the effort, and the brunettes was there to soothe her.

With her friend helping her to relax, she tried again. First she used her soft tongue as if it were a hand, not only licking but swirling around and enveloping his cock. Then slowly she closed her lips and made her way back down his length. She took all of him into her throat this time, all the way to the hilt. She paused there for a few moments, surprising herself that she was able to deep throat him this time. Silently he applauded her determination: a man of his size and circumference had deterred more than a few women from trying to deep throat him.

Slowly she withdrew his moist hold on him. He hated the loss of her warm mouth on him. Her moan started him, until he saw where the other girl’s hands had buried to. The brunette had found her friend’s tiny hidden clit. He watched the redhead fight it at first and then give into what her body was feeling. It was part of her nature, and better to give in to it now then continue to fight it. Excellent, ahead of schedule. He had to give the brunette credit — she knew what she wanted. He wondered what her secrets were. He had been with enough women to know that there was always a secret.

If he had to put money on it, he would bet that it had been the brunette’s idea for them to contact him.

With one last thrust into her warm mouth, he thanked the first girl for her services. She was not dismissed, just appreciated as far as he would allow at this point. She sat back happily. Both girls awaited further instruction. He looked for a full minute into the eyes of the brunette. He saw a desire there that had always been repressed. He smiled an old worn smile. It was time.

 He stood without shyness nor modestly and stuffed his cock back into his slacks. He had their full attention as he opened his duffel bag. He had tipped the waiter well to stash it in the room when he had brought up the wine earlier. He hated walking into jobs holding the bag. It took their focus off of him and added a mystery to their minds. It had been his experience that the clients would spend their time wondering what was in the bag instead of enjoying the process.

Inside the bag were a few tools he had brought with him. Every meeting went different and called for a different instrument. As these ladies were getting a long well, and as they had proved they were each already versed in BDSM, he decided on a more advanced tool.  Inside the bag he ran his hand over the leather instrument he had picked. It was new, but he had an old one just like it at home inside his dungeon. Instruments of pleasure, like this one, were his favorite thing to bring on jobs. He knew that his girls would love it. It would be a big step for them, but it was necessary. It would help them. He took it out slowly as not to scare them.

He smiled and turned to the brunette. “My dear, have you ever used a whip?” Both girls giggled nervously. “No…” she whispered “…but I’ve always wanted to.”   

He nodded and placed the buttery smooth leather switch in her eager hands. She looked down at it, feeling unsure yet strangely powerful. Suddenly her smile disappeared along with any uncertainty. ‘Go on” he commended. It was time for a Domme to be born.

“Stand, Pet.” Her voice was strong, and brave. The redhead was surprised but too turned on to do anything besides scramble to her feet. “I want you to feel a little pain to enhance the pleasure I will give you.”

The redhead trembled. “Sharron…”

The Brunette, Sharron, went to her woman and stroked her hair to comfort her. “Shh. It will be alright. I want this, don’t you?”

The redhead slowly smiled. “I love you” she stated nervously. This probably wasn’t the first time the women had exchanged words of love, but the Trainer was certain that this was the first time they really meant it.

“I know. I think I’ve always known.” The women kissed. It may have also been another first.  They were very tender, but there was passion there. This was the other payment he received for a job well done — the pleasure of seeing people realize their true nature.  It was when kept him in the business, long after he should have retired.

As he eased back into his chair and took up his wine glass again, Sharron led her love to stand against one wall. “Sweetie, do you remember that one time when we laid in bed for hours and I made you cum so softly?”

The first girl nodded. “We were playing around, and you didn’t mean to…”

“Oh I meant to make you cum. And I promise I’ll do it again after I warm you up a little more.” Sharron, fully embracing the new role of Domme, gave her Sub’s bottom a hard smack to punctuate the promise. The girl cried out. If he had to put money on it, he would bet that she would be crying out again soon, her first orgasm of the night ripping the screams from her lips.

They had almost forgotten that he was there. It was nice that they were focused so much on each other, but it wasn’t what they needed. “Hold the whip in your right hand, you’ll have better control that way.” 

Sharron smiled and did as he instructed. She moved the instrument to her right hand, her dominant hand, and felt the weight of it in her palm.  It wasn’t long or hard, it was a beginner’s whip, but would be perfect for them to train with. She gave the tool a few flicks of her wrist, getting the hang of it. Each time the leather sliced the air with a load snap.

The redhead jumped with every crack of the whip. He spoke to her next. “Dear, if you move, it will only hurt more.” The girl stiffened at his advice and stood still. Sharron took a deep breath. She hesitated.

“I don’t know if…”

He cleared his throat. This was not the first time he had a trainee that wavered. “As the dominate partner, this is your job.”

“But…shouldn’t we get to know each other better first?”

“You are already the best of friends and now you are about to become lovers. You are a Domme, she is a Sub. Why fight it? Start as you mean to go on.” He gently pushed.

Sharron nodded, his words made sense to her. When she turned back to her love, she saw that she had relaxed a little. She no longer stood so stiffly. She looked back over her shoulder and nodded. She was ready.

With a flip of her wrist, the rich leather met delicate soft skin for the first time.

The sound of it connecting with her skin made his cock jump in arousal. When the whip swirled through the air again to connect with flesh, he put down his glass and unzipped his slacks again. The whip met flesh again. He couldn’t resist, the awakening of this women was too arousing.   Sharron hit a stride with her whipping and he pumped his cock to the same rhythm.

Adrenaline only took her so far though and her novice arm quickly fatigued. The redhead quickly tired as well. Her skin had grown red from the whip and her legs were shaking. She collapsed to the ground and her Domme ran to her. Sharron probably meant to comfort her Sub, perhaps provide some aftercare, but her lust won out. She kissed her hard, inhaling her moans. She rolled her over onto her sore back and spread her legs wide.

“Please.” The redhead begged her friend, asking for what she had denied for so long.

A smile spread across his face as Sharron pushed her way down her friend’s body and her mouth met her mound. He had brought himself almost to the edge, and it would be sweet to cum watching this scene. His hand squeezed the crown of his cock as Sharron’s fingers breached the redhead. They sissored inside of her as they coaxed forth her promised orgasm.

Much sooner than he expected, he was surrendering to ecstasy of his own. The girls stopped their own brand of love making long enough to watch his ejaculation. They smiled up at him and he motioned for them to continue.

He cleaned himself up as they began work on another orgasm. This one he wouldn’t be privy too. The room was paid up for the entire night, so they could be comfortable here together and continue to explore each other’s bodies as they acted on their newly admitted love.

He drained his wine glass, picked up his duffel and moved towards the door.

“Will we see you again next Thursday, Daddy?” The redhead asked, the smile on her face one that only comes after being well satisfied. 

“Yes, Dear. You both have a lot left to learn.”

“Thank you.” Sharron looked so solemn and so thankful. In truth the girls probably would have admitted their love for each other someday, he had just sped up the process.

“My pleasure” he said as he opened the door. When he closed it behind him the lock clicked tightly and securely.

He walked down the hall to the elevator mulling over the session. He had meant what he had said when he told them it was his pleasure to do this work for them, to help guide them and train them. He felt that he had no greater purpose in life than bringing Dominants and Submissives together. It was all he had left now. It was the only part of the lifestyle that he allowed himself.

His cell phone rang as he stepped into the elevator. The number was the house line for Club Perfect. He groaned. He had wanted to go home, watch some PPV and relax. But if the Club was calling then he knew there was another client that needed his help.

He sighed as he pushed the button to answer the call. Unlike the personal ads, a call from the Club meant that someone that knew him personally was in need. He couldn’t just walk away.

Submitted and “Can I take a Bath with You?” (short read)


It is nerve racking to press that SEND button, but I did it. I have submitted my manuscript for publication. Now the wait begins.

I meant the wait for me, dear reader, because I would never want to bring you to the edge and not give you satisfaction! I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite short stores. Please let me know if you enjoy it.

WARNING: NSFW! Explicit language.


Can I take a Bath with You?

The water sounds loud at first when she turns on the tap and it startles her a bit. She timidly sticks her hand into the water…yes, it’s just the right temperature…and lets the stream wash over her wrist for a minute. She reaches for the bottle of bubbles on the counter. Childish sure, but it will be fun and helps to keep her modest. She adds a cap full to the running water and watches them start to rise. She takes two of the stuff white hotel towels and places them closer to the water’s edge. They will come in handy later. She wants everything to be perfect. She turns off the water and admires the full tub. Now…is that it?

 Water, bubbles, towel…fuck, candles. She forgot the candles. Stupid goddamned candles! Okay, okay, well it’s not exactly a tragedy. Candles might have been too much. Okay, okay, good. No candles will be okay.

 She steps back for a second to admire her work. It’s a regular hotel room…you know bad carpet, a large bed and a lot of brown. That’s not the reason why she chose it. She picked it because of this special Jacuzzi tub. “Big enough for two to enjoy” had said the helpful representative on the phone. Sold! She imagined how nice it would be for them both to relax and share a bath together. Perfect.

She had checked in just minutes ago and gone to work on her task. This was to be a special romantic retreat for them. She had dropped off an envelope at his work today…inside it was the only other key to this room.

She imagined how broad the smile on his face was when he opened that envelope. He had called her cell immediately afterward but she let it go directly to voice mail. “Very clever, pretty girl. I finish at the usual time so I should be there about ten.”

She checked her watch for what felt like the hundredth time since she got there. It was almost ten…but not quite. She paced a bit. She checked her hair and make-up in the mirror. She had her hair down the way he liked it. She brushed it back off her face a bit. Then fiddled with the cuff of her fancy silk shirt.

Shirt. Hmmm…She took a look at herself. Knee length black skirt, sexy stocking, black high heels…the clothes she had put on this morning to go to the office. This morning it had looked perfect but now it looked…stuffy. Hmmm…

Maybe it would be better if she changed. She took off her clothes and folded them neatly on the vanity. In her purse she had another surprise for him. She took out her new negligee, soft and light pink with a matching thong. It wasn’t exactly her usual style but it made her feel beautiful (and maybe as beautiful as he always claimed she was). She took pleasure in slipping the material over her head and pulled it down. It felt slightly cold against her naked body. The sheer material hugged her ass and showed off her breasts perfectly. Good, excellent. Now she was ready.

 Unable to relax, she paced some more. She couldn’t check her watch because she had taken it off and placed it with her work clothes. Damn. She circled the small room again. The material of her nightie swayed against her legs with every step and, surprisingly, her nervousness began to give way to arousal.

 She sat on the edge of the bed. Her legs looked good, they looked sexy. Freshly shaved, they felt soft…her whole body felt smooth, even her arms and chest. Hmmm, but maybe softer if she put some lotion on. She got up, got a small travel sized bottle from her purse and perched on the side of the tub to apply it.

Done. She rinsed her hands off in the tub. Oooooh, that water is nice. Almost perfect. It felt so nice. On a whim, she swung her legs over the side and down into the warm water. She surprised herself by moaning. The water felt soooo good. The heat made her feel flushed. After sitting there a few minutes, her sexy night grown felt too stuffy and heavy. She pulled it over her head and lazily dropped it somewhere near the vanity. The thong quickly followed. It wasn’t like her to be so careless but she was just so…hot.

Slowly she eased her body down all the way into the water. She had planned to wait for him — hopefully he found find it just as sexy for her to already be in the tub waiting for him. She eased herself down in the water in until only the tops of her breasts showed. Her erect nipples bobbed in the bubbles. She moan again – and then laughed at herself for it. This was really nice, she thought to herself, he’ll really enjoy relaxing in here with me.

 She imagined him undressing and slipping under the water with her. She imagined the feel of his hands on her and how it would be hard for him to hide his obvious arousal. Just, as it seemed, it was become hard for her to hide her own. Here imagination as much as the water was making her wet.

Before she could stop herself, her hands were under the water. It didn’t take much searching for her fingers to find her clit. She hadn’t meant to rub her clit, but It felt so good to touch herself. Planning tonight she’d been so distracted that she had forgotten to take care of herself this week. A very unfortunate omission.

Gingerly she slipped a finger inside of herself and then two. She remembered well what his cock felt like when he went inside her. So thick and hard. She remembered the very last time they had sex – not long ago truthfully, but just long enough to make her miss his heat. 

The last time had been amazing. He had finished inside her after pounding her harder than usual. Without realizing it, her fingers now matched his rough rhythm on that night. Her free hand grabbed at her nipples and pulled on them gently like he had done. Her body responded by slamming her quickly towards orgasm.

Her cries of pleasure blocked out the sound of his key slipping into the lock. He heard them though, and followed them into the bathroom. He found her, head back and spent reclining in the bubbles. Her hair was wet and clinging to her shoulders. Her face was flushed and her chest still heaving from the heavy breathing. His surprise was even better than he had hoped. Without a doubt this was the most beautiful he had ever seen her look in her life.

 “Hi there, pretty girl.”

 She jumped at the sound of her voice. “Oh shit” embarrassed, she whispered under her breath. The pleasure of just a few moments ago had passed. Now she felt terrible. Her carelessness has ruined all of her careful plans! He was supposed to walk in and find her well dressed – and dry – she had carefully planned this night for him! Instead he was the one who had done the surprising. She blushed in shame. Fuck!

She quickly stood up and grabbed a towel and readied herself to get out of the tub. She looked frantically for her night gown. Oh God, where had she tossed it?

His smile broadened as he saw her reaction. He loved that she didn’t realize the effect she had on him at this moment. He dropped his key onto the vanity and walked towards the tub and her. He reached her – and stopped her – when she attempted to step down onto the carpet.

 “I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you, I had planned for us to…”

 He cut her off with a kiss. It was strong and passionate. He kissed her hard. When he finally pulled back, she saw his smile.

 “Can I take a bath with you?” he asked.

She slowly smiled too. Maybe she hadn’t ruined everything after all. She gave him a sexy look, then nodded and sat back down in the water. Now she was ready for him.




As of last night, roughly 5:25pm (17:25 EST), I typed to words “The END”.


This means that my manuscript, A Perfect Dominant is now complete. It feels good. I’m especially excited with the final three chapters which seemed to write themselves.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Vincent and Mia became like friends during the process, and their love story inspires me (for a synopsis of their story, see the blog post below).

My next story will be A Perfect Submissive. It’s the story of Mia’s best friend James. I don’t have all of the plot figured out yet — I like it best when a story unfolds as I write it. That way I can be just  as surprised by the twists and turns as my readers are.

During the next few weeks I’ll start work on the beats and write my first draft. Because it’s so early in the process, I have no spoilers for you. I can though hint that a sweet blonde secretary has her eye on James.

49 Pages


So I am 49 pages away from being completely done editing my current manuscript.

It is called “A Perfect Dominant”. Originally I called it just “Perfect”, but I want it to be part of a series, so I expanded the title.

My hero is Vincent. He’s a little rough around the edges but I hope that you fall in love with him as much as I did.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Vincent is a man with a problem. Mia’s the own whose going to help solve that problem for good.

Vincent’s girlfriend dumped him. After a year together, she had the nerve to tell him that he needed to be more dominant in bed. Heartbroken and angry, Vincent drowns his sorrows and ends up confessing this critique of his bedroom style to his friend James. James is always cool and in control. He also happens to be a Dom. After pulling a few strings, James is able to get Vincent temporary membership to a secret club where he can learn about the BDSM lifestyle.

James also sets Vincent up with Mia, a Sub who has the reputation of being the best “Dom trainer” around. Unfortunately she also has her own problems with an ex, who thinks that he can weasel his way back into her life and be her Master again. The last time he had that title it didn’t work out so well, and he left Mia broken and swearing off love all together.

Suddenly Vincent’s ex goes missing. Right around the same time Mia’s ex starts pulling out all the stops to get her back. Can Vincent save his ex, protect Mia and  be molded into a Dom in time for the club’s final exam?  He’s ready to be a man and take a stand for those he loves. With any luck he can become A Perfect Dominant.