A Perfect Valentine (short read)

This is my special Valentine to you. ❤

It’s NSFW and contains many spoilers from A Perfect Dom. The original is available now from Siren-Bookstrand, on Amazon, Kobo and also from other ebook retailers.

This night takes place approximately six months after the end of that story. I hope you enjoy this look back into the life of Mia and Vincent.

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A Perfect Valentine

          When he saw the car pull into the driveway, Vincent smoothed back the curtains and hurried into the living room. He put his feet up, turned on the TV and tried his best not to grin ear to ear.

          Thankfully he didn’t have to hide the frantic beating of his heart. He couldn’t have, even if he wanted to.

          He heard the door open and Mia step inside. He barely heard her keys hit the counter before his dog Gus started barking. He used to bark to keep intruders out. Now he softly ruffed, happy that the lady of the house was home. Vincent could hear the whooshing of his tail. It was a telling sign that, as weary as she must be from a full week of work, Mia had succumbed to the canine’s charms. Without seeing them he knew that Gus’ fur was being lightly stoked and his ears softly scratched.

          It still amazed him that Mia, a captivating woman from an entirely different world, had agreed to make a life with him. She had rented out her fancy house and moved into this small home that he had renovated himself. Although it was still very much his original home, she had put her stamp on every room. Her DVD’s now shared shelf space with his. Her Eamas designer chair was tucked in beside his over-sized leather recliner. Although it was a mix of styles, everything fit together beautifully.

          He was anxious to see her. All day today she had sent him text messages from her cell phone to his. Sweet little messages that had just melted him. It had been hard to hold himself back and wait. It would have been so easy to spoil this surprise he had planned, but he managed to keep his responses short and just sweet enough to let her know that she was loved.

          She had no idea how much was she was about to get spoiled.

          He heard her toe off her high heeled shoes, while Gus happily thumped his way into the living room to see his Master. A minute or so later she followed. Vincent kept his eyes on the TV as long as possible as part of his cover. When he finally looked up, he saw his love standing there, smiling at her own Master.

          “Hi.” Her voice was lovely but coated heavily with fatigue. Mia was a psychiatrist who worked at a Government clinic. Her patients were often the victims of abuse, and their stories sometimes took a heavy toll. Mia was very good at her job, but she was still working on her own recovery. A year and a half ago, and unfortunately again last fall, she had been held captive by her ex. She still physically and mentally wore the scars of her imprisonment.

          Vincent couldn’t take her pain away, but he could show her how much he loved and appreciated her. Every day he tried to make her see how precious she was to him. Today he planned to make her feel extra special.

          And it was time to get that plan started.

          “Hey babe.” He pointed to the TV with the remote. “The game’s almost over. Then I’ll get ready to go.” He was currently dressed in jeans and an old tshirt. Not proper clothing for a night on the town, but it would be fine for what he had in mind.  

          She bit her lip. “Vin, I know we had talked about going out tonight, but I’d rather just stay in and snuggle on the couch tonight. Okay?”

          Vincent made a show of frowning and feigned disappointment. “Are you sure? Terry saved a table for us.” Terry, a good friend, was the hostess at a restaurant they had gone to when Vincent and Mia had first started dating. Terry was also a member of the fetish club where they had first met. Mia had been tasked with introducing him to BDSM. He had no idea that she would later become the love of his life and the most important person in the world to him.

          “Really? Can you please call her and cancel? Tell her that I’ll make it up to her. I just don’t feel like going out.” She unbuttoned her jacket and shrugged it off. He loved watching her undress, even when she wasn’t trying to be sexy about it.

          “Fine.” Vincent turned back to the TV. “I’ll call her the next time they break for commercial.” It was hard to pull his eyes away from her to look back at the TV, but he had to stick to his plan.

          “Thanks. I’m just going to go change into something more comfortable and then I’ll fix us something to eat.”


          His eyes stayed glued on the game, but he listened for her footsteps as he left the room and headed up the stairs.

          1, 2, 3. He counted in his head, giving her time to get into the room and let her guard down.

          4, 5, 6. Vincent left the TV on but stood up quickly. Gus jumped up too, tail wagging. Sorry boy, there’s no time to play.

          7, 8, 9, 10. Vincent took the stairs two at a time. He was excited and ready to move to the next step of his plan.

          Go time!

          He burst into their bedroom, startling her.”Vincent!” She cried out, chastising him for the scare. He had given her just enough time to get undressed.

          He crossed his arms and slipped into a different character, one that suited him much better than the disinterested sports guy. “Mia, is that the way you address your Master?”

          “No, Master,” she sighed. “Vincent, I’m a bit too tired to scene.”

          He raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “Do you not trust me, sub?”

          “Yes, but…”

          “Then stop resisting my will.”

          Her shoulders slumped. “I’m sorry, Sir.” She bowed her head, slipping into her role as his submissive.

          Now he allowed himself the luxury of taking time to admire her. She was beautiful, and her submission to him created butterflies in his stomach. He was humbled by the trust she placed in him. He never through that he would be the type of man to want this lifestyle, but now he craved it. He needed the control.

          “Lie down on the bed please, face down.”

          Without another word of protest, she turned and climbed up on their big bed. She closed her eyes and laid waiting while he went to the closet. Originally he had designed and modeled this room to have ‘his and hers’ closets. The ‘his’ closet had been relocated to the spare bedroom pretty soon after Mia had moved in. Vincent didn’t mind. After another quick remodel the space now gave them enough room to store their toys and tools.

          The door made a click as it swung open, causing Mia’s eyes to snap open. “The toy closet, Sir?”

          “Yes Sub. Close your eyes again.”

          She gave a sigh of impatience, but he saw a smile sneak onto her lips.

          He returned to his task and selected a few pieces he would need. He also retrieved the bag he had hidden there. It contained a few items that he had bought special for tonight.

          Vincent closed the closet door again and walked to the foot of the bed. He closed cuffs over both of her ankles. The shackles had a small chain linking them, but as was so short it practically immobilized her. Once he finished with her legs, he walked around to the side of the bed. “Give me your hand, please.”

          There was only a slight hesitation before she raised her left hand. Being restrained had once been a hard limit for her. Now they worked through her fear together. She still didn’t love being tied up or cuffs but she trusted him enough to not let it derail their scenes together.

          After he snapped a cuff around her left wrist, she dutifully held up her right hand. He cuffed that wrist as well. Instead of having a chain together, these cuffs linked her hands tightly together. Although they were made of plastic that she could easily break and escape if needed.

          Done. The first part of his surprise was set up. Now to deliver it. The bed shifted as it took his weight. He sat by her side and, after taking out the massage oil her had purchased, put the bag down beside him.

          He poured a small amount into his hand and warmed the oil by rubbing his palms together. A light citrus scent filled the air as he began to massage her tired muscles. His palms worked her neck and them down over her stiff shoulders.

          “Thank you, Master” she breathed as his hands worked down her lower back to her legs. He loved seeing her relax as the tension of the week fell away.  He took care to kneed and pull every part of her body, right down to her toes.

          Fully relaxed, she didn’t open her eyes as he reached back into the bag again. He smiled as he readied his next tool.

          She shivered as the cold, stainless steel Wartenberg pinwheel bit into her skin. He could imagine the interesting contradiction of sensation as the spikes moved over her relaxed skin. When he hit an especially sensitive area, her back arched up and she moaned. Excellent, his girl was primed and ready.

          He began to massage her again. This time in a more personal, private area. As his fingers slipped through her folds, he saw that he needed no more oil to lubricate her skin. She was wet and he planned to taste her.

         As his tongue swept along her labia, her back arched once more. “Oh yes.” There was no sound of fatigue now in her voice. It was replaced by the husky sound of arousal as she urged him to continue. “More please.”

         He agreed. “You’ve been a good sub, so I think I’ll reward you.” He parted her legs as much as the chain between her leg cuffs would allow. Even that little amount gave him greater access to her clit. He took advantage of the reveal and touched the tip of his tongue to the sensitive nub. He have could be mistaken, but he thought that he heard her purr as he increased the attention he paid to that particular part of her anatomy. Her succulent cream coated his mouth as he lapped across her skin. With each stroke he added more pressure and tension. Each stroke was a little quicker than the last. He had been well schooled in her body’s response and this was a technique he knew she loved.

          It wasn’t long before her legs began to shake. Her body was tensing up, crying out for release. There had once been a time when she needed permission to come. Until the words were said to free her, her orgasm could only be held in, painful, coiled up like a tight spring until she was given the command to release.

          But now she trusted her Master and she trusted her own body. She was able to appreciate the pleasure he was giving her and the love in his intentions and actions. She no longer had to hold back to hide what was natural.

          Slowly her skin blushed and he knew she was close. He shifted slightly to apply more pressure and to wiggle a finger or two inside of her core. That added stimulation was exactly enough to send her over the edge.

          “Oh God Vincent, I love you.” She shook with the intensity of her orgasm and he tasted her pleasure with his tongue.  

          He stilled as the electricity in her limbs dissipated. He was smiling and he knew she was too. He loved making her come. This was just the first orgasm of many that he had planned for her tonight.

          He sat up. “How was that, sub?”

          She rolled onto her side to leaned up as far as she could on her side. “That was amazing, Master.”

          “Happy first Valentine’s Day together.” He left his perch between her lovely thighs and crawled up the bed to her.

          “Kiss me.” She begged.

          There must have been some lingering electricity in her body. He felt the spark when he pressed his lips against hers. Although it probably had little to do with her recent orgasm, as he had felt the spark from the very first time they kissed. He felt it again now and he hoped he always felt the electricity of the connection between them.

          She pulled back slightly. “Your turn?” Her big brown eyes were full of mischief.

          He was the Dom, and he was the one who was in control in the bedroom. Occasionally though he allowed his sweet sub to call the shots. “I thought you were tired.”

          She chuckled. “That massage almost put me to sleep, but somehow you found a way to wake me back up.”

          “That was exactly my plan.”

          “Very nice.”

          He was so blessed to have this pixie in his life. She had once thrown him away because she through that she was too broken to deserve his love. He was just lucky that she had come to her senses and agreed to not only be his sub, but also his wife.

          “So what else so you have in that bag?”

          He was considering letting her find out exactly what other surprises he had in store, when the door bell rang.They shared a panicked look. “Shit that must be the food. I conspired with Terry to have dinner sent over for us.”

          “So you never had reservations?”


          She shook her head in happy disbelief as he quickly un-cuffed her. The door bell rang again and Gus started barking. “You better hurry.”

          “I will.”

          He gave her a quick kiss. “And don’t look in the bag. It’s top secret until after dinner.”

          She smiled. “I can’t wait.”




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Release Day!

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for! I cannot tell you how exciting it is to soon be sharing my novel with you!

ImageClicky here on the image to go to the publisher’s site.

While we wait for the ball to drop on this New Years Eve, I wanted to share some behind the scenes facts about A Perfect Dom with you:

1. A Perfect Dom was a work of love. It took about a year to write and edit, working off and on (isn’t procrastination grand?). It was originally titled just “Perfect” before I further developed the idea of the club and the series. Yes, I promise this is only the first book in the series.

2. This is actually the second book in the world of Club Perfect that I started writing. The first was Allison’s story and it was originally titled “Driving it Home” (no Perfect in that title!). In a Perfect Dom she is a friend of Catherine’s and more of a background character. I do expect to get back to her story soon. I’m still planning and trying to figure out how she works into the world of the club.

3. The very first words I wrote still make up some of the first sentences of the book.I wrote it long hand in my note book. Although the character of James was always James, it was a different club member that originally brought Vincent into the club. This scene was originally part of Allison’s story (her alpha male is named Jason).

Imagethe secret origins of A Perfect Dom. The rest was written on my laptop, I swear!

4. Just like James was always named James (and was the character he is today), Mia was always Mia. Although originally she was James’s little sister. As I wrote the story, I discovered that I liked them better as close friends. Her last name is influenced by the actress who inspired her look. Mia always had roughly the same background, but the characters of Lee and Sage came along later.

5. Vincent was originally named Victor and originally was big, beefy and bald (think of a very famous Vin you may be familiar with). As you can see on the page about I was also flirting briefly with other names, including Jackson and Daniel…Daniel was originally a character in a screenplay I wrote in University. That character and the Vincent of today are very different.

6. Vincent’s last name is Dupuis. I like to use names from my family in my stories. Dupuis is the last name of my maternal great grandmother. The family has a very rich history in Canada, going back to our first known Dupuis ancestor, my 10th great grandfather Martin Dupuis. Martin was born in France in 1612, and later became one of the first pioneers in New France. Being Canadian is as important to my characters as it is to me. Thus you will find that throughout the text the Canadian spellings of certain words were used instead of their American counter parts.

7. Speaking of geography, Port Credit, the area where Mia and Vincent have their first date is a real town. It’s just a few minutes drive away from my home. Yes it does have a light house and a beautiful pier. Sadly although it has a beautiful farmer’s market and an annual buskerfest, it does not yet have a night market.


photo from Wikipedia

8. Robert was originally named Richard, and he was minimally in my first outline of the book. When I wrote the outline I didn’t realize how much he cared about Mia. Terry was the opposite. She originally had a bigger role. I fell in love with her story with Mark so I decided that they deserve their very own book!

9. I intend all other books in the series to have “Perfect” in the title including A Perfect Trio (Terry/Mark), A Perfect Life (Lee) and a Perfect Surprise (Catherine). And who will be the Perfect Sub? The will be revealed one day when James’s story is finally told.

10. Sharing this story is a dream come true for me, one that I never thought I would achieve. On my birthday this year I confessed to my mother that I had been writing a novel and wanted her opinion. Not only did she read it, she wrote her own book! She also really kicked my butt to motivate me to finish writing. My first major edit was done while on a working vacation in Muskoka with a dear friend. When I got back (and after some more polishing) my Mother and I both submitted our works for publication. I received the email that my book was accepted for publication two days before she received her acceptance email (thus her release day is two days from today). Since then it’s been a hectic few months of contracts, edits, covers and questionnaires. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything and am glad to be sharing it with her!

I do hope that you enjoy reading A Perfect Dom as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you very much for your support. It really does mean the world to me and has humbled me beyond belief.

Mia, Vincent and James will return in Terry and Mark’s story, A Perfect Trio. On those pages you’ll also meet Stef, a trainer who feels that he’s pretty much all washed up and only accepts one final assignment because he owes a favour to James…

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One Day to go!

Tomorrow Club Perfect opens its doors for the first time! 


Clicky the image or right here to go to the publisher’s site.

I’m pretty excited about the release and I’m pretty excited about New Years Eve. As I tend to leave things to the last minute, I was struggling to make reservations for us. Add in the ice storm and the damage some establishments have received this past week and I thought there was no chance on booking anything. Luckily I have just secured a table for four not far from my house. Score!

It will be a table for four as my parents will be joining us. It will be so much fun to celebrate with my mother. This has been an exciting year of change for us and I’m anxious to see what 2014 has in store for us both.

And because I am a sentimental fool, I was also thinking about New Years Eve and the rituals behind it. My husband has a co-worker who refers to the evening as “Old Years Eve”. I suppose that could be an appropriate way of looking at it. Out with the old, in with the new and all of that.  I am always feel positive at this time of the year. It’s just in my nature to believe that good things are ahead for us all.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it all the way to midnight, but I do love the tradition of watching the ball drop and counting down the seconds to the new year. I also enjoy the kiss that will come to start 2014 off right!

And because I love the hope behind that first kiss, I thought I’d share with you the first kiss between my characters Mia and Vincent. Enjoy! – caution NSFW

Their First Kiss – From “A Perfect Dom”

“Vincent, I think you should start by kissing me.”


A kiss he could do. She stood on her toes and angled her mouth toward his. She reminded him of Terry, onstage waiting for James to give her pleasure. Vincent took a deep breath and moved his head down so it wouldn’t be as much of a strain for her.

He went in for the kiss, but stopped.

He wasn’t sure why he hesitated. It’s not like it was the first time he had ever kissed a woman. He’d been kissing girls since he was fourteen. It was one of his favourite things. In his reckless youth he had kissed quite a few strangers—not that Mia was exactly a stranger anymore. She was his teacher and she was a beautiful woman. He wanted to kiss her. She had asked him to kiss her. So he should just man up and do it already.

Vincent took a step toward her. His nervousness rolled off of him in waves. It made his every movement a bit jerky. His hands shook as he reached out for her. Why was he feeling so awkward? Mia wasn’t going to would push him away or deny him like Catherine had. With Mia he had a pre-approved relationship, negotiated down to the even the finest point on paper. A contract was something the club demanded of members entering into a training agreement and he had signed it eagerly. Of all of the physical acts mentioned on paper, a kiss was just about the most chaste activity listed. There was no way she wouldn’t kiss him back.

Still he hesitated. In the moment his senses felt heightened. He could smell her faint perfume and hear her deep intake of breath as she prepared for their first romantic touch. He could even feel the heat in the air between them. Time slowed and he watched her eyes blink and then close tight, waiting for him to kiss her. That was his undoing. She closed her eyes and everything seemed right. She’d probably been kissed hundreds of times, and yet she still closed her eyes for his kiss.

He touched his lips to hers.

His mouth was shy, not pressing too much or demanding too much of her. He was gentle and light. A sweet kiss. First kisses usually are. Sometimes they are slow and fumbling and end as quickly as they begin. Mia’s kiss was dark and electric. He could tell that kissing her would be different from the very moment their lips first touched. She tasted of her tea and something else distinctly her. It was nice, but he rushed through their first touch before his spinning mind caught up with him. This restrained kiss was good, but it wasn’t great. It wasn’t a real kiss. It certainly wasn’t what they were here for.

He was a good son, sure. He had proper manners and treated everyone with respect. But those manners were getting in the way here. He was holding himself back. If he was going to do this, he needed to let go.

He pulled back just a second to take a quick breath before he returned to kiss her again. The second pass of his lips started almost the same as the first. He had some doubt. Would he be able to pull this off and actually become a Dom?

Then her felt her move. Her arms found their way blindly across his shoulders and brushed into his short hair. She pulled him closer, letting him know that he had her permission to go further. That was the last push he needed.

With a growl that surprised them both, he took control of her lips and kissed her more forcefully, capturing her mouth and making it his. Her lips against his felt good and sweet, yet at the same time purely sensual, like tasting warm caramel in the middle of soft dark chocolate.

He dipped his head even lower to deepen the kiss further. His movements mimicked hers. His hands were drawn to her hair too, and in his haste to bring her closer he pulled at the strands. That little bite of pain encouraged her. She kissed him back with an intensity that almost knocked the breath out of him. Her response was raw and primal.

She moaned and Vincent took the opportunity to push his tongue into her mouth. In response her tongue danced over his, tasting him and beckoning him to continue to claim her further.

Taking her up on the offer, he pushed his body fully up against hers. She staggered back for a second and then moved back toward him like a moth drawn to a flame. He could feel her breasts rubbing against his bare chest. Then her bare hips against his jeans. She was right, it was a turn-on knowing that she was fully naked and vulnerable while he was not. Every part of her that was soft was matched up with the parts of him that were hard and ready. He forgot all about being embarrassed about his body’s reaction when she melted against him. There were other parts of their flesh that demanded attention.

He let his hands leave her hair and travel down his shoulders and arms. As his fingers traveled over her smooth skin he felt a multitude of tiny electrical shocks. It was a little jarring, but it felt right. This was like no other kiss.

Two Days to go! Sneak Peak!

If you haven’t made New Years Eve plans yet, can I suggest that you join us at Club Perfect?


Clicky the image or right here to go to the publisher’s site.

I do hope everyone had a great time over this holiday season. I spent my days off with my family and friends. We always celebrate Christmas Eve at my inlaws, and Christmas morning at my parents house.

ImageNot sure why, but these napkin rings make me laugh so hard!

We also had an unexpected Ice Storm that out a bit of a damper on the celebrating. We lost some trees and we also lost electricity for a few hours. We live by a major road way and the storm took all the hydro poles down on the street. Our side of town still doesn’t have working street lights. Two days after the storm it still took me well over an hour to chip away the ice just to get into my car. We fared much better than some — my brother in law and his wife were without electricity for the better part of the week. Luckily they had a wood stove to keep them and their dog Otis warm. I have never seen an ice storm this severe before.

ImageOh the joys of living in Canada! (Hey, I’m not really complaining).

With the holidays, this time of year seems to just fly on by. As a result, the release date for A Perfect Dom is speeding towards us. I want to thank everyone who has already supported the book during the pre-sale. I can’t wait to share the world of Club Perfect and the love story of Mia and Vincent with you. 

Because I’m so excited, I thought I’d share the first few pages with you. If you enjoy this. Please also consider leaving me a comment below or joining me on facebook.

Chapter One

“Come on, Baby Dom, I’ve got someone for you to meet.”

The next person to call him Baby Dom was going to get punched. So what if that’s what they called everyone who was new here. Sure, Vincent was new, but he didn’t care about that rule, and he also didn’t care that it was his best friend who called him that. He’d been on edge for weeks. His fists were clenched tight and itching to start something. Just say it one more time…

Shit. He tried to calm down. Of all the schemes that he had gotten himself caught up in, this was just about the craziest. That was saying a lot from the guy who had been a regular on the suspension roll all throughout high school. Vincent hoped that since he’d managed to charm his way into a diploma and survive graduation, that he’d be able to make it though a few weeks here. Hopefully.

The here was Club Perfect, a private BDSM club. That’s right, a club devoted to the darker side of sex. He’d been told that it was a place of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. Apparently there were thousands of clubs like this around the country, hidden in industrial areas or private residences. This one was conveniently located just two short exits off the freeway,  but about a million miles away  from his ordinary life.

He had expected it to smell. To be dank, dark and absolutely filthy. Instead it was just a normal night club—well, a much more naked version of a normal night club. It had a calm atmosphere, rich tapestry couches readily available and a well-stocked bar without any line. The club was even well lit. Vincent he had no trouble seeing all the members that his friend James wanted him to meet. Someone had put some serious bucks into this place. An advertiser might have easily billed it as a “conservative lounge for people over thirty.” Except, in the fine print they would have to run a disclaimer that it was also a place for people who liked to undress in public and spank each other.

Was he one of those people? Not yet, but hopefully he could learn to be someone who got off on this kind of kink. If he was going to join this lifestyle, and he had no choice but to join, he had to jump in with both feet. He was a fighter, a scrapper in his youth, and stubborn to the bone. If he was going to commit to this, he couldn’t do it half cocked. Especially not if he was going to get vengeance.

Ahem, revenge, not vengeance. He wasn’t Batman. He wasn’t obscenely wealthy, and he didn’t have a special symbol beckoning him out into the night in the name of justice. Although his new clothes could be considered a type of costume, and this club, he supposed, could be considered a secret lair. It sure had a lot of tools and gadgets. Some even vibrated.

His revenge, not vengeance, would be against his ex-girlfriend, Catherine. She was the woman of his dreams, and she had dumped him exactly thirty-six days ago.

Catherine. Just thinking about her brought him to his knees. Oh God. Get a grip. It probably wasn’t proper protocol for a dude to cry in a BDSM club—well unless it was crying out in pleasure. Vincent tried to focus, stuff it down, and get past his grief toward the ending of their relationship.

His sassy, beautiful girlfriend Catherine had left him. She had always kept him guessing, and apparently had saved her biggest surprise until the end. They had been together for just over three years. The almost 1200 days he had held her, been inside her and welcomed her into his home? Well, they mattered to him. They were some of the best days of his life. Anyone could see that they had a future together, and yet she had thrown it all away as if it meant nothing. As if he meant nothing to her. And it was all because of sex.

It would have been easier on his ego if she had been cold or cruel when she stomped on his heart and broke it to a million pieces. Instead she just seemed bored. Apparently she was totally uninterested in anything else he had to offer or in the life he worked so hard to build for them. She had dismissed him from their relationship with all the emotion and tact of a manager firing the incompetent fry clerk at your favourite fast food joint. “It’s not you, it’s me” would have been kind. Instead he was told that it was very much him. And specifically, he didn’t measure up in the bedroom. Inches yes, domination, no. Instead of sweet romance, she wanted force for foreplay. She explained that she had been asking for it from him for a while in subtle ways and he had never taken the hint. So she had given up on him. Good-bye, Vincent, and good-bye, relationship.

Catherine was single now and so was he. She could do whatever she wanted with whomever she wanted. For all he knew, she could be using multiple partners to achieve multiple orgasms. She was probably having the time of her life. So why was he here, the new Baby Dom in residence at an underground sex club, with his best friend, sweating his balls off in leather pants?

Because he still loved her. His wounded pride had to take a backseat to that fact. Sad but true. So, she wanted him to be more dominant? Then that’s what he would become. Simple as that. He would do whatever it took to get his girl back.

That was the plan, anyways.

It hadn’t been a direct line from her bedside to this club. No, it had taken a while to figure out what to do. First he had moped. For days he just lain on the couch with his dog Gus and felt sorry for himself. He ate pizza for far too many nights in a row and ended up with a couple of cases of empties to return for refund. Emptying those beer bottles had helped bury his pain. Until the night he had drank one too many and had called up James for help. James was his best friend. James was cool. James was in charge. James was…well after that drunken conversation he quickly learned that James had the perfect solution to his problems, because James was something called a “Dom.”

His friend revealed that several nights a week he came to this club wearing heavy boots, a tight black T-shirt and stupid leather pants. He also did something called “scenes” with a “Sub.” A Sub was apparently a submissive person, or the ying to the Dom’s yang, James had explained. It was the Dom’s job to control the Sub and see to their pleasure and well-being. And if Vincent wanted to be a Dom, James could help him. Drunk Vincent had been an easy sell on the idea. Sober Vincent had his doubts. In the days that followed, much to Vincent’s embarrassment, James had moved forward with the plan and had arranged a trial membership to this exclusive club.

James had also set him up with someone who taught people how to be dominant. A female Sub and trainer, who apparently was very good at her job. All Vincent had to do was attend some one-on-one classes, learn the lifestyle, get comfortable with a little slap and tickle and he’d become the man Catherine wanted him to be.

So that was why he was here now, dressed ridiculously, being blasted by loud music, and sidestepping freaks in every manner of dress or, um, position. Tonight was meet-the-teacher night, but James, the social butterfly, stopped to chat with other members every few minutes. The delay was both a blessing and a curse. A curse as Vincent was repeatedly introduced as the new Baby Dom in residence. A blessing because he got a chance to quietly observe the other club goers and try to get a feel of exactly what he was getting himself into…

A Perfect Dom, pre-sale on now!

Hello friends,

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I have stories and photos to share, I promise!

But for now I wanted to let you know that my book is available for pre-sale! Squeal! HOW EXCITING!!!


How great is this cover? I’m so lucky!

Pre-sale Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/a-perfect-dom

For the first 6 weeks it will be available only on the publisher’s website. After which it will migrate to Amazon and other ebook sellers. In May it will be available in print from both the publisher and Amazon.

It’s been a great ride with Siren. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to publish a romantic story.


Book blurb:

Vincent Dupuis has a problem. He’s just been dumped for not being dominant enough in the bedroom. After a late night drunken confession to his friend, James, Vincent learns that James is a Dom and may just have the perfect solution to his problem. First he hooks Vincent up with membership to a BDSM club and then he introduces him to Mia Stoyanovsky, the club’s resident Dom trainer!

Mia has problems of her own. She’s still recovering from a traumatic experience with her ex. It made her question if she even has a future in the BDSM world. By agreeing to train Vincent she hopes that he can help her remember why she was drawn to being a submissive in the first place.

Suddenly Vincent’s ex is missing and Mia’s ex starts creeping around. They are forced to trade lessons for protection, and both find that they have much bigger problems to face.


ADULT Story except:

When the last button on her sweater was freed, she slipped it over her shoulders, revealing her dark grey lace bra. It was beautiful and far more delicate then he would expect of her lingerie. She unzipped her skirt and pulled it down her legs. He hadn’t known that he was holding his breath until she let it fall to the floor.

His breath came out a little stronger than he would have liked when he saw that she wasn’t just wearing that beautiful bra, but an entire matched set of bra, panties and garters. Her stockings reached midthigh and framed her legs nicely. Mia looked great naked, but now, here in his room and in her lingerie, she looked impossibly beautiful.

She looked up and caught him staring at her body. “Say something Vincent.”

“You look lovely.”

“Thank you.”

He cleared his throat and tried to control himself. There was nothing he wanted to do more than touch her. As hard as it was, he had to remember Mia was in charge. “Are you going to teach me something new?”

“This isn’t a scene, Vincent.” She smiled sweetly. She looked a little flushed like she had last time in her room at the club. She turned and crawled further up on the bed. He was powerless but to follow her as she moved across the sheets.

She proved this wasn’t a scene by making the first move. She kissed him. This time he swore he could taste the sea shore on her lips. Her mouth was both electric and delicious. When her tongue touched his, he couldn’t help but moan. He hands found her ebony hair and held her to him as he continued to drinking her in.

Her hands found the edge of his shirt and they broke their kiss only long enough for her to pull it over his head. Her hands explored his torso and his lightly haired chest and firm stomach. He would never have washboard abs or monster arms, but his job kept him very fit. It was the only benefit of hand-loading freight that he had ever found.

Those hands of hers pushed him down on the bed. He felt the brushing of her breasts against him as she leaned over him. She broke the kiss to move her lips from his mouth to his neck and then down over his shoulder to his chests and nipples.

 “What do you want me to do, Vincent?”

“Whatever you want.”

“No it’s whatever you want.” She rubbed his bulge harder. “Take charge, tell me what to do. Do you want me to suck your dick, Vincent?” He nodded, “Then say, please, Mia, suck my big fat dick.”

“Suck my dick, please.”

She gave him a look that was pure sin. “Thank you, Sir.” She stopped rubbing him and started sliding down his zipper with her teeth, he thought he might pass out with how impossibly hard his cock was. She pulled roughly on his jeans and boxers until his cock sprang free.

She looked him in the eye as she ran her hand down his length. The feeling was amazingly erotic. Her dark-chocolate eyes told him how clearly aroused she herself was and how much she wanted him. Her hands stroked him, moistened by the pre-cum that wept from his tip. It was amazing, but it was nothing compared to the erotic show she gave him as she stopped stroking and slowly slipped her tight lips over the purple crown of his cock. His healthy girth stretched her lips as she slid down to take as much of him into her moist mouth as possible. She showed off her ability by almost making it down to his balls without gagging or breaking eye contact. Oh God. There was nothing hotter than this woman taking all of him into her mouth.

After stilling a second and keeping his cock in her throat as long as possible, she swirled her tongue around the length of his shaft as she moved her mouth back up to the tip again. He saw that tongue of hers as it licked over the crown again. Going back down on him she increased the suction of her erotic kiss, and the speed on which her lips came back up. He held back her hair to keep it out of the way and not to block the view. She pulled off his dick for a moment to catch her breath.

“Oh God,” he groaned.

Her lips and tongue played with the fold of skin on the underside of his cock where his foreskin had once been. It felt amazing and created a distinct tingle in his balls. Shit, he was close. He tried to signal to her that he was about to come, but she just shook her head and kept licking and sliding her lips over him. She even used her teeth a little this time.

“Fuck!” She didn’t stop when he started coming. She took his salty shots to the throat and sucked the jizz out of him. It felt like he came for minutes as he emptied his balls into her pretty mouth. His liquid squeezed out of her mouth as she slid up his shaft one last time. It felt amazing and it looked so fucking hot. The effect worked to keep him hard and craving being inside of her.

He thought she had the same idea when she straddled him. Instead she used her hard-working and much-appreciated hands to pull him into a seated position. He wrapped his arms around her to hold himself up. He felt a little lightheaded and dizzy still from the recent orgasm.

Instead of fucking him, she kissed him. He could taste himself in her mouth and didn’t care. It was pretty sexy having a woman service you and then taste of you.

“Thank you.”

She ducked her head shyly. “You don’t have to thank me, Vincent. I really wanted to do that.”

Thanksgiving Announcement plus “Yesterday’s Lovers” (short read)

Hello Dear Reader,

I hope you had a great week!

I was missing in action for a bit, sorry about that. Last week-end was the Canadian Thanksgiving and I took the week off. I love spending time with family and friends, but it can be hectic as well. Especially with my 5th wedding anniversary falling on the 11th. This year I had a lot to things to be thankful for, including the following announcement:

Siren/Bookstrand is releasing my book!

Squeal! 🙂 How awesome is that??? At this point A Perfect Dom looks to be scheduled for release on New Years Eve. So this year I’ll have something additional to celebrate when the ball drops.

I got the news that they were publishing my book when I was on my way home from work for the long week-end. With tears in my eyes, I drove straight to my Mom’s house to share the good news with her. I was in shock! After she congratulated me I drove home, ate an avocado and waited for my husband John to get off work.

Believe it or not, my Mom is now also a new author! Her acceptance came a day after mine and I couldn’t be happier to be sharing this experience with her. Her name is Dale Cadeau and her books is Tied Up in Knotts. It will be released in early January, also from Siren/Bookstrand.

It’s been so exciting trying to keep up and to figure out what steps to take next. I’m checking my email like a mad woman, not wanting to miss a thing. I know I will have some edits to do and I’m anxious to start on them.

That being said, I will be out of town for the next two weeks. My work is sending me to support our new operations in Montreal, Quebec. I will bring my laptop with me so I can still work on any edits that should be delivered during this period. Unfortunately that means my blog will have to go on hiatus again. When I’m back home in Ontario I’ll post something to let you know that I made it back safe and sound!

Until then, here’s a spicy short read. Please let me know what you think!


Yesterday’s Lovers

She shouldn’t let him touch her, but she does. The strength of his hands and his long fingers are so familiar…how can she say no? They are no longer lovers but they once were. It feels like it was a life time ago when they were together, but yet there is still a tangible chemistry between them. She allows him to take her hand and help her to step across the curb from the car to the sidewalk in the rain. His touch is appears to be chaste, but she knows better. His touch is a claiming.

It is cold. He uses that as an excuse to wrap his arm around her shoulders as they walk. It is impossible not to want to melt into that embrace. She is accompanying him tonight on a whim. She was at first hesitant to agree, but she missed these secret shows and he is one of the few people she knows that can still manage to wrangle an invite.

Together they walk into a place of couples. Chairs and tables are arranged crudely around a low stage. They used to come here often when they were a couple. Although time had passed, the place still felt the same.  Neither of them feels out of place or awkward – quite opposite actually. Together they find the seats listed on the ticket and claim it as theirs.

Before they sit, he helps her shed her jacket. Here, inside the theater room, he doesn’t hide his open appreciation of her. For a minute he allows his hand to run between silk coat and satin skin. he sighs. “You feel exactly the way I remember.”

She doesn’t answer. He takes his seat without saying more. They sit side by side, so close that their legs are touching. They order their regular drinks and make small unimportant talk as they wait for the show to start. Looking around the room shows an audience of couples not unlike themselves. Young, successful, beautiful, wealthy. He takes out a cigarette and lights it. He offers her one as a reflex. She smiles. It has been years since they split and years more since she smoked. It would seem that cigarettes, like thoughts of her, proved too hard of a habit for him to kick.

 The waitress brings the libations as the lights dim.

 The music is exotic. Asian influenced with a myriad of spectacular bells. There is a low rhythmic bass line the leads the “actors” out on stage.  Each actor is fairly young (somewhere around the same age she was when she first met him). Each actor stands comfortably on the stage in front of this select audience. Each starts to remove their clothes. Already these actors have mastered the art of seduction. Their eyes tell a tale and their vision makes love to each person in the audience, long before they’re actually making love to each other.

 She prefers to turn away from the stage and watch him watch them. She sees the blonde hair stand up on his neck and she knows he’s aroused. That little sign was something she learned during their years together. She wonders if the woman he’s with now ever took the time to learn his quirks and appreciate his character. Against her better judgment, she reaches out and touches his neck. Instead of pulling away, he leans into the caress.

On stage now, the actors are using their mouths to make love to each other. They are slow and patient, making the seduction and the show last. With long drawn out flicks of their tongues, they hold the theater silent and stiffly at attention.

Without warning, he turns and kisses her. His lips are hesitant at first. When he feels her response he begins to kiss her hungrily – like a man who hasn’t eaten in years. Something changes inside of both of them, something they haven’t felt in a long time. His hands hold her face and he kisses her so hard he steals any breathe she may have had to complain. Of course she would never have complained anyways.

Without a word they are hurriedly grabbing their coats and paying the waitress. They are a distraction from the show, but thankfully only a brief one. Everyone in the theater including the actors watches them leave with a knowing smile.

Outside in the cold and rain again, he leads her around the side of the building. Her mind is racing. They are far from being in private yet she doesn’t care. Right now she doesn’t give a FUCK if anyone, even her own husband, were to catch them.

He slams her and her pretty silk dress up against the rough brick side wall of the theater. It scrapes her skin. It makes her open her mouth wide for his. Full force he kisses her as hard and passionate as he was always apt to do. She moans and her own lips push back as her hands begin to fumble at his clothes. She hasn’t had time yet to think what she should or shouldn’t do. At this moment she just wants to feel him inside of her again.

Frantically he’s moving her hands away and still kissing her while he unhooks his belt and throws down his fly. He grabs her hands and pulls it inside his pants and onto him. He wants her to feel exactly how much he missed her and how hard and ready he is for her.  

His own hands invade up under her dress. He can feel her soaked through her panties. When the hell did she start wearing panties? He rips them aside so that his fingers can get at her. Those long fingers of his that minutes ago were gently holding her hand were now roughly pumping into her. She moaned and he knew he had her – or rather, could have her.

With only some single maneuvering from them both, his cock is soon slamming into her. He had forgotten how much he loved her honey and her heat. He licks at her neck and the top of her cleavage like an animal. All the while she digs her hands into his shoulder for more leverage. He fucks her as hard as he can to make up for every single second in the part years that he hadn’t been able to be inside her. She takes it willingly and moans for more.

That kind of passion, like any extreme release of energy or emotion cannot stay intense forever. When his orgasm comes, it knocks the wind out of him and sends him reeling against her. She smiles and holds him while he recovers. Yes, she missed him. She remembers clearly when wanton acts such as these were a forecast of love instead of just pure lust.

They share a look of comrades as they pull apart from each other and began to straighten their clothes. They share a chuckle at their carelessness. Obviously there had been people passing by that must have seen them. They pretended to be modest, when in fact neither of them really cared nor were either of them sorry.

This time when he offers her a cigarette, she takes it. She has a little difficulty lighting it but finally manages. She inhales too much and coughs a little. She feels seventeen years old again, like when she had her first cigarette ever.  In the fading light of evening, as he brushes the water from his long blonde hair, she can clearly recognize in him the boy he once was. “How did we get here?” She asks. At this moment she can’t remember a single reason why they are no longer together. Whatever the reason, is couldn’t have been important enough to have ended the passion they had shared.

He doesn’t answer. Instead he smiles and takes her hand to help her step across the curb from the sidewalk back to the car. His touch is no longer claiming. Now it is painful and sad. They both climb in the back of the car and supply the driver with her address. Soon they are in traffic. She will be dropped off first and them him.

With a sign he reclines back into the vinyl and wraps his arm around her shoulders as they sit. It is impossible not to want to melt into that embrace. It is all either has to offer the other now or in the future. They are silent the entire ride, the magic of the show is gone.

Birthday plus “Kiss Me” (short read)

Yesterday was my dear husband’s 35th birthday.

At first i tried planning a party to celebrate the occasion. I thought I’d rent a hall, make food and invite our friends. And then I got greedy and thought I’d prefer to have him all to myself. We decide to go on a trip. He picked 6 places that wanted to go to and then we did the research to see what kind of budget and time we’d need to fully explore each place. He settled on Niagara Falls, because they are close, do-able in two days and it was where we honeymooned 5 years ago (as of October 11). Then we scrapped the idea. one, it’s difficult getting to Niagara Falls from where we live if you don’t plan to drive. Secondly it’s very expensive the week before Thanksgiving to stay/do anything in a major tourist area, Third point — we’ve had a very rainy summer/fall (as I type this we’re having a brief reprieve before an expected thunder shower). No sense going if it’s going to be wet and cold.

So instead I surprised him with a day trip out to a local landmark that he had never been to before: The Ontario Science Center. Apparently there are over 300 science centers around the globe!


He was surprised and really liked it, especially the different experiments with sound. Considering how tired we both are today I would say that it was a definite success. When we got back into town we met my parents for dinner and we could barely keep our eyes open!

Today the birthday celebrations continue with his family. It’s always so nice to be around family and friends as the years pass. It makes the pain of getting older a little easier to take!

Today’s sort read is a romantic one — at least in my view it is! I hope you enjoy it. As always dear reader, I love your feedback! Feel free to Tweet me your thoughts @jadebelfry

Kiss Me

I’m usually so shy but when you look at me I’m suddenly brave. Probably because when you look at me, you really take your time and your eyes find every part of me. Neither my favorite parts nor my flaws are save from your gaze and that’s okay. Because when you look at me I feel beautiful. You make me feel like I’m more than just the little punk kid that everyone else sees, You look at me like I’m someone to be desired, because today it’s clear that you desire me.

You walk around me, I stand still as you enter and exit my eye line. I allow you this appraisal because right now it feels more like foreplay than ever before. Maybe, just maybe, you will allow me something more from you. My mind is racing but I try not to let you see how hungry I am for you. I try to be the good student, the patient student, but Sir, it’s been so long and I am starting to starving.

You smile, but only slightly. And for the first time I feel like you’re a tad unsure. You have no reason to be, and it’s not your character to be anything less than confident and in control.  Usually you are aloof, and a tiny bit cocky. I love it. God, you know I want you, so why are you hesitating?

Then, slowly, you make a decision. Your smile grows and becomes predatory. I smile too, because well, I’m nervous and it feels like as good a thing to do as any. With acceptance, the danger in your hazel eyes double. It does something to me. I can feel the need building inside of me. You say nothing.  You are beside me and your hand is oddly clumsy. It knocks against mine. Not seeking to hold, just seeking touch. This is the beginning of something.

You know, you feel, you anticipate. I bite my lip. I know, I feel, I anticipate.

Your eyes stare directly into mine as it begins. Slowly you move towards me. The action begins in the tight muscles of your neck and slowly makes its way across your body. Soon every bit of you is reaching towards every part of me. Your palms win the race. They find my hips and they take hold, sure. Your strong, smooth dark hands gently pull me towards you.

I take a chance. Hopefully I am not reading you wrong. Hopefully later you will forgive my bold actions. I take a deep breath as I raise my hands. My inexperienced fingertips find your rough cheeks. My hands brush against your face and you do not flinch. You allow me to continue, as I move my caress up to your temples until my fingers take take root in your dark hair. So wild and untamed. I’ve ached to touch these strands, and now I hold onto them tightly.

And at this point your eyes close. It surprised me. Perhaps it’s a reflex, but mine close in response. My senses are now on edge and my anticipation heightened. I feel you pull my hips tightly against yours. We are together. I can feel every part of you, from your heart beating to the slight shake in your legs, Could it be possible for you to be in control and yet as be just as scared as I am?

Something breaks inside of me and I see you as human. Of course I always knew you as human, that’s not what I meant. But now you are real. You are a person like me with hope and dreams and fears and desires. Suddenly it doesn’t seem to be too much to hope for that one day you would love me as much as I’ve always loved you. Oh God, if it’s possible I want it. I want it so badly.

I feel your breath on my lips…

Then I feel your lips as they press against mine. I hold my breath and savor the feeling. Your lips are softer and more gentle than I had imagined. You are tender with me and my stomach flips around like a butterfly, In the past few seconds you have shown me more sides of yourself than I thought possible. I love every one. Oh God, my brain shuts off as your kiss deepens, You show me passion through the increase in pressure of your mouth over mine. You pull me impossibly closer as you devour me. Your tongue touches mine, capture it  and own it just like you own me heart and soul. But I am not a passive captive. My tongue massages against yours and maybe I moan a little.

I feel you smile against my lips. “You like that?”

I let go of your hair and I nod. Of course I liked that. I loved that, Sir.

I think it but I don’t say it. You could probably read it in my eyes anyway or hear it in how hard my heart is beating, For the moment, satisfied, you pull back. Your mission has been accomplished. With a new kind of smile and a far different hunger, I chuckle nervously. You have taught me my first lesson, and I am ready for more. I am ready for you.