One Day to go!

Tomorrow, return to Club Perfect! 

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Tomorrow I get to share my second book with you. I love this book just as much as my first and I hope you do too. 

This book mark a bit of a milestone for me. See, I thought anyone with some luck and some time can write one book. If a dozen monkeys can turn out the works of Shakespeare, then surely I can turn out one little book.This second book was about me proving to myself that I could have a voice, and that I could finally realize my dream of being an author. Thank you for helping me get there. 

With A Perfect Dom, I met many people – readers, fellow authors, etc. It has been a great journey for me, one that will continue with A Perfect Trio. Stef, Mark and Terry are characters I feel in love with while having the privileged of telling their story.

Stef is a new face to Club Perfect. I’d like to introduce him to you:

Stefan Roy, or just Stef, is thirty-eight years old. He was born in Petoria South Africa, but moved to Canada twenty-five years ago. Time has only dulled his accent. When he gets angry (or really, really turned on), his accent comes out just as thick as if he was back home again.

Looks wise, he has light brown hair, and could use a haircut. It’s just of the things he’s let go since his divorce. Also, shaving isn’t a daily activity nor a huge priority. That being said, he does love a good suit. Well, without the tie of course or the top buttons of a collar. He really doesn’t need a suit now that he’s not a lawyer any more. That was something else he also gave up after his divorce.

Stef grew up in a very good house hold and always had the best that money had to offer. His upbringing allowed him to become cultured and gave him a love of finer things (like art, architecture, wine, etc). It bought him a university education and a law degree. He originally used that degree to prosecute the bad guys. It was in court that he met his ex-wife Bailey. They wed quickly and impulsively. He thought he could make their differences work. Unfortunately she still carries the physical and emotional scars of human trafficking. Stef didn’t know how to handle her baggage, so he pushed her away by burying himself in building his career.

Now Stef finds work as an independent BDSM trainer. He specialized in couples that have problems in their relationships. He’s known James and Mia for years, but it’s been a long time since he played at Club Perfect or had to squash his 6’1” and 180lb frame into the “Dom uniform” of a tight black T-shirt and leather pants. He never thought he would go back to the club, as he vowed to never take another Sub as his own.

His training is how entire life now. He runs a tight schedule and he doesn’t allow himself down time. He keeps himself detached and does not become involved with his clients.

That’s Stef on paper. Underneath all of the lies he tells himself, he’s dying to be loved. He doesn’t know it yet, but there’s a couple who need his help. They are absolutely perfect for him…

A Perfect Trio, available tomorrow from Siren-Bookstrand

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