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The release of A Perfect Trio is only days away. I’m so excited to be sharing this story with you!


You can pre-order it here from Siren directly at a special reduced price. From their site you can download it in all formats once it releases on August 12.

Buy link -> http://www.bookstrand.com/a-perfect-trio

This is my first Menage. Our Doms are Stef and Mark, and their Sub is Terry.

In my first book of the series, A Perfect Dom, we met Terry on the alcove stage, where she was performing a scene with club owner James:

“A spotlight snapped on illuminating the stage and revealing the scene. A woman, a very naked woman, stood centre stage. Her arms were bound with rope and painfully stretched far above her head and hanging from an industrial hook. Like a grotesque ballerina mid-dance, her toes barely touched the floor.”

She goes on to be deliciously tortured by James. This is Vincent’s first look look into the BDSM lifestyle. Vincent’s ex told him that she dumped him because she wanted a more dominant man in the bedroom. James convinced Vincent to visit Club Perfect and to train to be a Dom. Having no prior experience with BDSM, Vincent is appalled by the nature of the scene, and leaves the club vowing never to come back. 

The next day James explain to Vincent more about the Dom/Sub relationship and how his scene with Terry was not abusive.

“You hurt that woman.”

“That woman, Terry, is an experienced Sub. It wasn’t our first time playing together. Before the scene on Saturday, we discussed what we were going to do. Every move I made was carefully negotiated and agreed to.”

“How could anyone want that?” Vincent growled.

“How could she agree to touching, stimulation, advanced punishment? Submissives find pleasure in different things. It’s our job to figure out what they need and give it to them.”

“It’s your job to be a monster? So you use that to justify beating someone?” Vincent worked hard to keep his voice down when he felt like screaming at James.

James sighed. “Vin, I was joking about being a monster. I didn’t beat her and never would. The rules of BDSM are always the same. Safe, sane and consensual. A scene is a well-orchestrated power exchange to bring both parties pleasure. It’s not rape, not abuse, and it’s certainly not a crime. If Terry, my Sub for the night, hadn’t wanted to be there on stage with me, she wouldn’t be. She needs to be dominated. Just like Mia needs it, just like Catherine thinks she needs it. Terry craved that level of pain so I gave it to her.”

This is the beginning of Vincent understanding BDSM, but Terry is not easily forgotten from Vincent’s mind. A few days later in a cafe he and Mia, his trainer, have a chance to have an open honest discussion about Terry and James’s scene.

“During the scene James looked like he was hurting Terry.”

She took a sip of her tea and thought about it for a moment. “I guess it could seem that way. She wasn’t hurt, though. It was just the level of kink she needed. Did you notice that he tested the whip on his own hand first to know what amount of strength to use when he whipped her?”

Vincent nodded, remembering. He had seen James do that, but thought that it was just part of the theatrics.

“He’s played with Terry before so he knew what level of intensity she needed to get her hot. He didn’t seriously injure her. I doubt she had a single bruise the next morning.”

“But she was screaming.”

“Have you never made a girl scream in release, Vincent?” Mia teased. “Some girls moan during a scene or during sex, some talk, and some scream. It just depends on the person and the level of stimulation. Do you think that you can understand any of this?”

After Mia puts it in terms that Vincent understands, he agrees to train with her. But that first scene is never far from Vincent’s mind. Later on in the story he sees Terry again and can’t help but remember his first night in the club.

Walking further into the club, Vincent was surprised to see James’s Sub from his first night, Terry, sitting on the lap of a big Latino guy. She looked none the worse for wear and didn’t have any lingering marks from her scene with James. And she looked pretty happy to be with this other man. James had said that they weren’t together. Was she this guy’s Sub? Did James just have her “on loan” for the night to scene?

This is our first introduction to Mark, Terry’s partner. Vincent meets him again later at a police station. Vincent’s ex goes missing and he is convinced by her friends to come with them to file a milling person’s report. Mark is the reporting officer.

“Have a seat.” The officer’s name tag read “Rodriguez.” His posture read Dom, and his face read familiar. Shit. He was the Latino Vincent had seen with Terry at the club, but he was cleaned up and dressed in a uniform. Were Doms and Subs everywhere?

Mark recognizes Vincent from the club. When they have a chance to talk alone, the two Doms quickly become friends.

Rodriguez wordlessly gestured for him to keep following him to an empty office across the hall. Once they were both inside, he closed the door. “Mark.” Rodriguez held out his hand for an introductory shake.

“Vincent.” Vincent gladly shook his hand.

Rodriguez nodded. “Yeah, I remember from when James introduced us at the club. You looked like a deer caught in headlights that night.”

“I think I was a deer caught in headlights.” The men laughed. Vincent liked Rodriguez.

Vincent doesn’t miss an opportunity to ask about Terry.

“You’re with Terry?”

Rodriguez shook his head sadly. “I wish. It takes a strong man to handle someone that broken.”

After he leaves the police station, Vincent embarks on the path to finish training. Along the way he finds that he had very string feelings for his trainer, complicated when Mia is abducted by her former Master. After some heart wrenching struggle, Vincent and Mia go on to have their own happy ending.

But what about Mark and Terry? Don’t they deserve their own happy ending? 

Mark’s haunting worlds stayed with me. He loves terry so much and yet doesn’t know how to fix their relationship. I the beginning of A Perfect Trio, Mark turns to James in desperation. He feels he has one last shot to make a relationship with Terry work.

James recommends that they work with a trainer – a very different trainer from the one Vincent worked with! James recommends Stefan Roy, a trainer who works with couples having problems and is known for fixing the unfixable. Mark is willing to try anything.

James also recommends that when the trainer arrives ti meet them that Mark and Terry do something that they haven’t done in a long time together – a private scene. Reluctantly Mark agrees. Unfortunately he decides to leave Terry in the dark about the real motivation behind performing the scene.

The performance goes badly and Terry fakes her orgasm in order to end the scene. The trainer is disgusted (but that and from some information that James withheld from him), and there is a bit if a commotion…which leads Terry to realize that Mark had another motivation for asking her to scene with him…

Excerpt from: A Perfect Trio

Terry stormed into the house behind him and slammed the door. Mark cringed as the sound echoed throughout the bottom floor. Thank God this house was built well.

They had only lived there together a few months. Mia had rented her house to them when she had moved in with Vincent He and Terry had looked at the move as a new opportunity for them. But nothing had changed for them besides their address.

And now if he didn’t get Terry to understand, he may be moving his things out sooner than he had anticipated. He frowned at the thought. “Are you going to be mad at me all night?”

“Yes.” She slammed her purse down on the foyer table and wheeled around to face him. “Who was that guy?” Terry was a Sub, yes, but she was not a pushover. She was angry and needed answers fast.

Mark sighed. Time to come clean. He hadn’t asked her permission so now he had to start asking the love of his life for forgiveness. He took a deep breath. “That was the best trainer in Southern Ontario.”

“Try again, Mark.” Terry angrily shook her head. “The best trainer in Southern Ontario is my friend, Mia, who just retired.” She folded her arms across her chest.

“Well, I guess James didn’t really rank him as a trainer, he just said that he was the best and recommend him for us.”

“James recommended him? The guy who looked angry as hell when I came?”

“When you came? You haven’t had an orgasm with a partner in years.” Mark tried to take her hand, but she shrugged him off. His ill-timed observation hadn’t won him any points in this argument.

“So James thinks that I need a trainer? That’s awful nice of James. I’ve been a Sub for years now. How dare he?”

“It’s not just for you.” Those five words had the ability to stop Terry in her tracks. She turned back to look at him and he could feel his shoulders falling.

There were so many things they should talk about, but never did. He should have told her how he was feeling before going to James. But he was so scared of losing her that he was getting good at keeping all of his pain locked up inside himself.

He could see now how keeping his feelings to himself hadn’t worked. If they had any hope of fixing their relationship, he needed to be honest with the woman he loved more than anything.

“Terry, I know we have problems. Everyone knows we have problems.” They looked at each other as the fight slowly left them both. This fight was just one of many over the years that went nowhere.

“It’s my fault.” She sighed. “Forget what I said before, I was angry. I have blocks, things that I’ve been trying to work through.”

Mark smiled weakly. “It’s okay, I know that I need help, too.” He followed her into the main part of the house. It was the most beautiful place he had ever lived. But he knew that having a perfect home didn’t necessarily translate into the people living inside having a perfect life. Right now their relationship was as far from perfect as possible.

Terry flopped on the couch, as if she had no strength left in her body to stand. Her anger had vanished, leaving a trail of sorrow in its wake. She tried to hold in her tears but it was no use. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey, don’t cry.” Mark joined Terry on the couch and tried his best to kiss away her tears. This night was a bust. The scene had gone terribly, and their trainer had run from them. At least it got them talking.

“I think you’re amazing, Mark, so patient and so good with me.”

“Thank you, babe. I try. You’re the most important person in the world to me.”


“You feel it, too.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. If Mark had felt like something was off between them, then Terry must feel it, too. Something was missing, and had been for a long time now. What she had said earlier was right, she was an experienced Sub. He was the one who had come to it late. She was in the lifestyle so he had followed her into the scene when they had first reunited after she was freed. It was important to Terry and the lifestyle turned out to be a good fit for him, too. He had found benefits in the type of play and discipline that BDSM dictated.

“I’ve been thinking, maybe we should leave the club.”

“You love it there!”

Terry shrugged. “But I love you more.”

Mark wrapped his arms around her. For more years than he could recall, Terry had been his everything. “You would give up the lifestyle for me?”

“Yes. For us.”

Mark shook his head, stunned. “But that’s nothing something you’ve considered before.”

“That’s true.” Terry shrugged. “But we’ve broken up so many times because of my inability to submit—”

My inability to help you submit.”

“That I’m afraid…”

“That the next time we break up it might be forever?”

Terry nodded. “I don’t want that.”

“Me neither.” Mark out his arm around Terry’s shoulders and pulled her body against hers. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing her for good. Every time they had broken up he had fought his way back here by her side. He had worked hard to prove that she was important to him.

Her fears that this might be the end for them gutted him, but he couldn’t say that he hadn’t worried about the same thing. It was that feeling that had motivated him to share their problems with James. Maybe he had gone about it the wrong way, but he was desperate.

“I’m sorry I went to James without talking it over with you first.”

“It’s okay, I understand now.”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead, grateful for her forgiveness. She closed her eyes briefly and then smiled. He knew that she loved him. No matter what issues they had, he never doubted her feelings for him. That was one of the only certainties in his life.

“Thank you, I needed that.” Terry patted his hand and stood up. They both had regrets they would live with for the rest of their lives.

A Perfect Trio – Releases August 12 – http://www.bookstrand.com/a-perfect-trio

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