June Photo Caption Challange

Hello Friends!

Every month authors Lori King hosts a flash fiction event inviting writers to put their spin on a photo of her choosing. The pieces can be any style, any subject matter. The only limit is that the pieces can only be 350 words.

This is a direct link to the event on her website:

Please check out the work of the other authors. I love seeing what diverse pieces that they are inspired to create. This is my second month, and I’m really enjoying being a part if it. Thanks again to Lori King!

Please enjoy my June piece:

juneSean cried out as the nails dug into his flesh. It felt like his skin was splitting, and yet there wasn’t a scratch on him. This was all just part of her illusion. Georgia was a powerful mentalist. Sean was too, but he was new and untrained. He was practically defenseless against her attack.

One word and this all would end. But if he gave in, they were all doomed.

Sean would give anything to just be an ordinary college student again. He used to sleep too late, play his guitar and eat too much pizza.  He had been in love with the same girl since middle school. That part of his life seemed so far away now.

Since the Great Storm three months ago, his life had been pretty strange.

“Remember she’s not really here.” Sharlene urged, keeping him focused on reality.

Sharlene’s life had changed that night too. Depending on how you looked at it, the Gift was either a blessing or a curse.

Sean and Sharlene had decided to use the Gift for good.

Georgia hadn’t.

Sharlene could change the perception of time. She could speed it up or slow it down, which came in handy during a test or when sneaking in after curfew. Otherwise her power was pretty harmless.

Sean was able to manipulate people’s emotions. It was a powerful ability, and one that had placed him on Georgia’s radar. If she could combine his ability with her own, she would have the power to force innocent people into committing crimes.

Georgia was a master of mental violence. Having her invade his mind was the most painful thing Sean had ever experienced. His control was slipping and he could feel himself start to give in. He couldn’t let that happen. He just needed to hold on a little longer. It would take every bit of his strength and maybe even his sanity.

Time slowed around him as Sharlene focused all of her energy on him. For a moment he had relief from the pain. He opened his eyes in surprise. “Keep going, you’re saving me.”

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