May Photo Caption Event

Hello Friends!

It’s been a little but since we last talked. Sorry about that! I’ve been stuck in my writing cave, but I will have some important news for you on my next book very shortly.

Until then, I wanted to share with you a new short piece I created for the May Photo Capture Event. In the month since I wrote it, I’ve been tossing around the idea of using it as the start of a new series. Please let me know what you think!

So what is this event? Every month authors Lori King hosts a flash fiction event inviting writers to put their spin on a photo of her choosing. The pieces can be any style, any subject matter. The only limit is that the pieces can only be 350 words.

This is a direct link to the event on her website:
Please check out the work of the other authors. I love seeing what diverse pieces that they are inspired to create. This is my second month, and I’m really enjoying being a part if it. Thanks again to Lori King!

Please enjoy my May piece:

May's Photo
May’s Inspiration Photo


Her foot made a hollow sound as it tapped down on the white tiles of the subway floor. She was impatient today. She was supposed to be waiting for the train to work and not specifically waiting for him. Lately it had become increasingly difficult for her to differentiate between the two.

The train would come soon enough. The sparse four minute ride together would be over far too quickly  and then she’d be forced to back to her real life. Not that her life was bad – quite the opposite actually. She had a good family, great friends and a well paying job that she didn’t mind. But her life was missing that little something extra that made a woman excited to get out of bed in the morning. Although if her fantasies were reality, she’d never want to leave her bed or the sexy man in it.

She frowned as she straightened her scarf. A woman of her age shouldn’t be having girlish fantasies about a man she had never spoken to before. Her curse was people watching. It was a habit she couldn’t break. A month ago he had walked onto her train.  Since then the best part of her Monday to Friday was spending her entire ride covertly observing him.

She looked up just as he rushed onto the platform. His hair dark hair was a little askew, and although he wore his usual pressed dress pants and crisp white shirt, something was definitely off.

When their eyes met, he strode towards her with purpose. She gasped as his leather back loafers rushed towards her.

She felt his arm grasp her elbow and wrench her to her feet. Kate turned to him shocked. “Walk.” He ordered as he rushed her down the platform towards the exit. She tripped over her own feet as she hurried attempted to comply.

She pulled away as soon as they were up the stairs and outside of the terminal. “Do you mind telling me what’s going on?”

He frowned and reached for her arm again. “There’s a bomb on the subway, Kate.”

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