Release Day!

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for! I cannot tell you how exciting it is to soon be sharing my novel with you!

ImageClicky here on the image to go to the publisher’s site.

While we wait for the ball to drop on this New Years Eve, I wanted to share some behind the scenes facts about A Perfect Dom with you:

1. A Perfect Dom was a work of love. It took about a year to write and edit, working off and on (isn’t procrastination grand?). It was originally titled just “Perfect” before I further developed the idea of the club and the series. Yes, I promise this is only the first book in the series.

2. This is actually the second book in the world of Club Perfect that I started writing. The first was Allison’s story and it was originally titled “Driving it Home” (no Perfect in that title!). In a Perfect Dom she is a friend of Catherine’s and more of a background character. I do expect to get back to her story soon. I’m still planning and trying to figure out how she works into the world of the club.

3. The very first words I wrote still make up some of the first sentences of the book.I wrote it long hand in my note book. Although the character of James was always James, it was a different club member that originally brought Vincent into the club. This scene was originally part of Allison’s story (her alpha male is named Jason).

Imagethe secret origins of A Perfect Dom. The rest was written on my laptop, I swear!

4. Just like James was always named James (and was the character he is today), Mia was always Mia. Although originally she was James’s little sister. As I wrote the story, I discovered that I liked them better as close friends. Her last name is influenced by the actress who inspired her look. Mia always had roughly the same background, but the characters of Lee and Sage came along later.

5. Vincent was originally named Victor and originally was big, beefy and bald (think of a very famous Vin you may be familiar with). As you can see on the page about I was also flirting briefly with other names, including Jackson and Daniel…Daniel was originally a character in a screenplay I wrote in University. That character and the Vincent of today are very different.

6. Vincent’s last name is Dupuis. I like to use names from my family in my stories. Dupuis is the last name of my maternal great grandmother. The family has a very rich history in Canada, going back to our first known Dupuis ancestor, my 10th great grandfather Martin Dupuis. Martin was born in France in 1612, and later became one of the first pioneers in New France. Being Canadian is as important to my characters as it is to me. Thus you will find that throughout the text the Canadian spellings of certain words were used instead of their American counter parts.

7. Speaking of geography, Port Credit, the area where Mia and Vincent have their first date is a real town. It’s just a few minutes drive away from my home. Yes it does have a light house and a beautiful pier. Sadly although it has a beautiful farmer’s market and an annual buskerfest, it does not yet have a night market.


photo from Wikipedia

8. Robert was originally named Richard, and he was minimally in my first outline of the book. When I wrote the outline I didn’t realize how much he cared about Mia. Terry was the opposite. She originally had a bigger role. I fell in love with her story with Mark so I decided that they deserve their very own book!

9. I intend all other books in the series to have “Perfect” in the title including A Perfect Trio (Terry/Mark), A Perfect Life (Lee) and a Perfect Surprise (Catherine). And who will be the Perfect Sub? The will be revealed one day when James’s story is finally told.

10. Sharing this story is a dream come true for me, one that I never thought I would achieve. On my birthday this year I confessed to my mother that I had been writing a novel and wanted her opinion. Not only did she read it, she wrote her own book! She also really kicked my butt to motivate me to finish writing. My first major edit was done while on a working vacation in Muskoka with a dear friend. When I got back (and after some more polishing) my Mother and I both submitted our works for publication. I received the email that my book was accepted for publication two days before she received her acceptance email (thus her release day is two days from today). Since then it’s been a hectic few months of contracts, edits, covers and questionnaires. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything and am glad to be sharing it with her!

I do hope that you enjoy reading A Perfect Dom as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you very much for your support. It really does mean the world to me and has humbled me beyond belief.

Mia, Vincent and James will return in Terry and Mark’s story, A Perfect Trio. On those pages you’ll also meet Stef, a trainer who feels that he’s pretty much all washed up and only accepts one final assignment because he owes a favour to James…

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