One Day to go!

Tomorrow Club Perfect opens its doors for the first time! 


Clicky the image or right here to go to the publisher’s site.

I’m pretty excited about the release and I’m pretty excited about New Years Eve. As I tend to leave things to the last minute, I was struggling to make reservations for us. Add in the ice storm and the damage some establishments have received this past week and I thought there was no chance on booking anything. Luckily I have just secured a table for four not far from my house. Score!

It will be a table for four as my parents will be joining us. It will be so much fun to celebrate with my mother. This has been an exciting year of change for us and I’m anxious to see what 2014 has in store for us both.

And because I am a sentimental fool, I was also thinking about New Years Eve and the rituals behind it. My husband has a co-worker who refers to the evening as “Old Years Eve”. I suppose that could be an appropriate way of looking at it. Out with the old, in with the new and all of that.  I am always feel positive at this time of the year. It’s just in my nature to believe that good things are ahead for us all.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it all the way to midnight, but I do love the tradition of watching the ball drop and counting down the seconds to the new year. I also enjoy the kiss that will come to start 2014 off right!

And because I love the hope behind that first kiss, I thought I’d share with you the first kiss between my characters Mia and Vincent. Enjoy! – caution NSFW

Their First Kiss – From “A Perfect Dom”

“Vincent, I think you should start by kissing me.”


A kiss he could do. She stood on her toes and angled her mouth toward his. She reminded him of Terry, onstage waiting for James to give her pleasure. Vincent took a deep breath and moved his head down so it wouldn’t be as much of a strain for her.

He went in for the kiss, but stopped.

He wasn’t sure why he hesitated. It’s not like it was the first time he had ever kissed a woman. He’d been kissing girls since he was fourteen. It was one of his favourite things. In his reckless youth he had kissed quite a few strangers—not that Mia was exactly a stranger anymore. She was his teacher and she was a beautiful woman. He wanted to kiss her. She had asked him to kiss her. So he should just man up and do it already.

Vincent took a step toward her. His nervousness rolled off of him in waves. It made his every movement a bit jerky. His hands shook as he reached out for her. Why was he feeling so awkward? Mia wasn’t going to would push him away or deny him like Catherine had. With Mia he had a pre-approved relationship, negotiated down to the even the finest point on paper. A contract was something the club demanded of members entering into a training agreement and he had signed it eagerly. Of all of the physical acts mentioned on paper, a kiss was just about the most chaste activity listed. There was no way she wouldn’t kiss him back.

Still he hesitated. In the moment his senses felt heightened. He could smell her faint perfume and hear her deep intake of breath as she prepared for their first romantic touch. He could even feel the heat in the air between them. Time slowed and he watched her eyes blink and then close tight, waiting for him to kiss her. That was his undoing. She closed her eyes and everything seemed right. She’d probably been kissed hundreds of times, and yet she still closed her eyes for his kiss.

He touched his lips to hers.

His mouth was shy, not pressing too much or demanding too much of her. He was gentle and light. A sweet kiss. First kisses usually are. Sometimes they are slow and fumbling and end as quickly as they begin. Mia’s kiss was dark and electric. He could tell that kissing her would be different from the very moment their lips first touched. She tasted of her tea and something else distinctly her. It was nice, but he rushed through their first touch before his spinning mind caught up with him. This restrained kiss was good, but it wasn’t great. It wasn’t a real kiss. It certainly wasn’t what they were here for.

He was a good son, sure. He had proper manners and treated everyone with respect. But those manners were getting in the way here. He was holding himself back. If he was going to do this, he needed to let go.

He pulled back just a second to take a quick breath before he returned to kiss her again. The second pass of his lips started almost the same as the first. He had some doubt. Would he be able to pull this off and actually become a Dom?

Then her felt her move. Her arms found their way blindly across his shoulders and brushed into his short hair. She pulled him closer, letting him know that he had her permission to go further. That was the last push he needed.

With a growl that surprised them both, he took control of her lips and kissed her more forcefully, capturing her mouth and making it his. Her lips against his felt good and sweet, yet at the same time purely sensual, like tasting warm caramel in the middle of soft dark chocolate.

He dipped his head even lower to deepen the kiss further. His movements mimicked hers. His hands were drawn to her hair too, and in his haste to bring her closer he pulled at the strands. That little bite of pain encouraged her. She kissed him back with an intensity that almost knocked the breath out of him. Her response was raw and primal.

She moaned and Vincent took the opportunity to push his tongue into her mouth. In response her tongue danced over his, tasting him and beckoning him to continue to claim her further.

Taking her up on the offer, he pushed his body fully up against hers. She staggered back for a second and then moved back toward him like a moth drawn to a flame. He could feel her breasts rubbing against his bare chest. Then her bare hips against his jeans. She was right, it was a turn-on knowing that she was fully naked and vulnerable while he was not. Every part of her that was soft was matched up with the parts of him that were hard and ready. He forgot all about being embarrassed about his body’s reaction when she melted against him. There were other parts of their flesh that demanded attention.

He let his hands leave her hair and travel down his shoulders and arms. As his fingers traveled over her smooth skin he felt a multitude of tiny electrical shocks. It was a little jarring, but it felt right. This was like no other kiss.

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