Two Days to go! Sneak Peak!

If you haven’t made New Years Eve plans yet, can I suggest that you join us at Club Perfect?


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I do hope everyone had a great time over this holiday season. I spent my days off with my family and friends. We always celebrate Christmas Eve at my inlaws, and Christmas morning at my parents house.

ImageNot sure why, but these napkin rings make me laugh so hard!

We also had an unexpected Ice Storm that out a bit of a damper on the celebrating. We lost some trees and we also lost electricity for a few hours. We live by a major road way and the storm took all the hydro poles down on the street. Our side of town still doesn’t have working street lights. Two days after the storm it still took me well over an hour to chip away the ice just to get into my car. We fared much better than some — my brother in law and his wife were without electricity for the better part of the week. Luckily they had a wood stove to keep them and their dog Otis warm. I have never seen an ice storm this severe before.

ImageOh the joys of living in Canada! (Hey, I’m not really complaining).

With the holidays, this time of year seems to just fly on by. As a result, the release date for A Perfect Dom is speeding towards us. I want to thank everyone who has already supported the book during the pre-sale. I can’t wait to share the world of Club Perfect and the love story of Mia and Vincent with you. 

Because I’m so excited, I thought I’d share the first few pages with you. If you enjoy this. Please also consider leaving me a comment below or joining me on facebook.

Chapter One

“Come on, Baby Dom, I’ve got someone for you to meet.”

The next person to call him Baby Dom was going to get punched. So what if that’s what they called everyone who was new here. Sure, Vincent was new, but he didn’t care about that rule, and he also didn’t care that it was his best friend who called him that. He’d been on edge for weeks. His fists were clenched tight and itching to start something. Just say it one more time…

Shit. He tried to calm down. Of all the schemes that he had gotten himself caught up in, this was just about the craziest. That was saying a lot from the guy who had been a regular on the suspension roll all throughout high school. Vincent hoped that since he’d managed to charm his way into a diploma and survive graduation, that he’d be able to make it though a few weeks here. Hopefully.

The here was Club Perfect, a private BDSM club. That’s right, a club devoted to the darker side of sex. He’d been told that it was a place of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. Apparently there were thousands of clubs like this around the country, hidden in industrial areas or private residences. This one was conveniently located just two short exits off the freeway,  but about a million miles away  from his ordinary life.

He had expected it to smell. To be dank, dark and absolutely filthy. Instead it was just a normal night club—well, a much more naked version of a normal night club. It had a calm atmosphere, rich tapestry couches readily available and a well-stocked bar without any line. The club was even well lit. Vincent he had no trouble seeing all the members that his friend James wanted him to meet. Someone had put some serious bucks into this place. An advertiser might have easily billed it as a “conservative lounge for people over thirty.” Except, in the fine print they would have to run a disclaimer that it was also a place for people who liked to undress in public and spank each other.

Was he one of those people? Not yet, but hopefully he could learn to be someone who got off on this kind of kink. If he was going to join this lifestyle, and he had no choice but to join, he had to jump in with both feet. He was a fighter, a scrapper in his youth, and stubborn to the bone. If he was going to commit to this, he couldn’t do it half cocked. Especially not if he was going to get vengeance.

Ahem, revenge, not vengeance. He wasn’t Batman. He wasn’t obscenely wealthy, and he didn’t have a special symbol beckoning him out into the night in the name of justice. Although his new clothes could be considered a type of costume, and this club, he supposed, could be considered a secret lair. It sure had a lot of tools and gadgets. Some even vibrated.

His revenge, not vengeance, would be against his ex-girlfriend, Catherine. She was the woman of his dreams, and she had dumped him exactly thirty-six days ago.

Catherine. Just thinking about her brought him to his knees. Oh God. Get a grip. It probably wasn’t proper protocol for a dude to cry in a BDSM club—well unless it was crying out in pleasure. Vincent tried to focus, stuff it down, and get past his grief toward the ending of their relationship.

His sassy, beautiful girlfriend Catherine had left him. She had always kept him guessing, and apparently had saved her biggest surprise until the end. They had been together for just over three years. The almost 1200 days he had held her, been inside her and welcomed her into his home? Well, they mattered to him. They were some of the best days of his life. Anyone could see that they had a future together, and yet she had thrown it all away as if it meant nothing. As if he meant nothing to her. And it was all because of sex.

It would have been easier on his ego if she had been cold or cruel when she stomped on his heart and broke it to a million pieces. Instead she just seemed bored. Apparently she was totally uninterested in anything else he had to offer or in the life he worked so hard to build for them. She had dismissed him from their relationship with all the emotion and tact of a manager firing the incompetent fry clerk at your favourite fast food joint. “It’s not you, it’s me” would have been kind. Instead he was told that it was very much him. And specifically, he didn’t measure up in the bedroom. Inches yes, domination, no. Instead of sweet romance, she wanted force for foreplay. She explained that she had been asking for it from him for a while in subtle ways and he had never taken the hint. So she had given up on him. Good-bye, Vincent, and good-bye, relationship.

Catherine was single now and so was he. She could do whatever she wanted with whomever she wanted. For all he knew, she could be using multiple partners to achieve multiple orgasms. She was probably having the time of her life. So why was he here, the new Baby Dom in residence at an underground sex club, with his best friend, sweating his balls off in leather pants?

Because he still loved her. His wounded pride had to take a backseat to that fact. Sad but true. So, she wanted him to be more dominant? Then that’s what he would become. Simple as that. He would do whatever it took to get his girl back.

That was the plan, anyways.

It hadn’t been a direct line from her bedside to this club. No, it had taken a while to figure out what to do. First he had moped. For days he just lain on the couch with his dog Gus and felt sorry for himself. He ate pizza for far too many nights in a row and ended up with a couple of cases of empties to return for refund. Emptying those beer bottles had helped bury his pain. Until the night he had drank one too many and had called up James for help. James was his best friend. James was cool. James was in charge. James was…well after that drunken conversation he quickly learned that James had the perfect solution to his problems, because James was something called a “Dom.”

His friend revealed that several nights a week he came to this club wearing heavy boots, a tight black T-shirt and stupid leather pants. He also did something called “scenes” with a “Sub.” A Sub was apparently a submissive person, or the ying to the Dom’s yang, James had explained. It was the Dom’s job to control the Sub and see to their pleasure and well-being. And if Vincent wanted to be a Dom, James could help him. Drunk Vincent had been an easy sell on the idea. Sober Vincent had his doubts. In the days that followed, much to Vincent’s embarrassment, James had moved forward with the plan and had arranged a trial membership to this exclusive club.

James had also set him up with someone who taught people how to be dominant. A female Sub and trainer, who apparently was very good at her job. All Vincent had to do was attend some one-on-one classes, learn the lifestyle, get comfortable with a little slap and tickle and he’d become the man Catherine wanted him to be.

So that was why he was here now, dressed ridiculously, being blasted by loud music, and sidestepping freaks in every manner of dress or, um, position. Tonight was meet-the-teacher night, but James, the social butterfly, stopped to chat with other members every few minutes. The delay was both a blessing and a curse. A curse as Vincent was repeatedly introduced as the new Baby Dom in residence. A blessing because he got a chance to quietly observe the other club goers and try to get a feel of exactly what he was getting himself into…

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