Thanksgiving Announcement plus “Yesterday’s Lovers” (short read)

Hello Dear Reader,

I hope you had a great week!

I was missing in action for a bit, sorry about that. Last week-end was the Canadian Thanksgiving and I took the week off. I love spending time with family and friends, but it can be hectic as well. Especially with my 5th wedding anniversary falling on the 11th. This year I had a lot to things to be thankful for, including the following announcement:

Siren/Bookstrand is releasing my book!

Squeal! 🙂 How awesome is that??? At this point A Perfect Dom looks to be scheduled for release on New Years Eve. So this year I’ll have something additional to celebrate when the ball drops.

I got the news that they were publishing my book when I was on my way home from work for the long week-end. With tears in my eyes, I drove straight to my Mom’s house to share the good news with her. I was in shock! After she congratulated me I drove home, ate an avocado and waited for my husband John to get off work.

Believe it or not, my Mom is now also a new author! Her acceptance came a day after mine and I couldn’t be happier to be sharing this experience with her. Her name is Dale Cadeau and her books is Tied Up in Knotts. It will be released in early January, also from Siren/Bookstrand.

It’s been so exciting trying to keep up and to figure out what steps to take next. I’m checking my email like a mad woman, not wanting to miss a thing. I know I will have some edits to do and I’m anxious to start on them.

That being said, I will be out of town for the next two weeks. My work is sending me to support our new operations in Montreal, Quebec. I will bring my laptop with me so I can still work on any edits that should be delivered during this period. Unfortunately that means my blog will have to go on hiatus again. When I’m back home in Ontario I’ll post something to let you know that I made it back safe and sound!

Until then, here’s a spicy short read. Please let me know what you think!


Yesterday’s Lovers

She shouldn’t let him touch her, but she does. The strength of his hands and his long fingers are so familiar…how can she say no? They are no longer lovers but they once were. It feels like it was a life time ago when they were together, but yet there is still a tangible chemistry between them. She allows him to take her hand and help her to step across the curb from the car to the sidewalk in the rain. His touch is appears to be chaste, but she knows better. His touch is a claiming.

It is cold. He uses that as an excuse to wrap his arm around her shoulders as they walk. It is impossible not to want to melt into that embrace. She is accompanying him tonight on a whim. She was at first hesitant to agree, but she missed these secret shows and he is one of the few people she knows that can still manage to wrangle an invite.

Together they walk into a place of couples. Chairs and tables are arranged crudely around a low stage. They used to come here often when they were a couple. Although time had passed, the place still felt the same.  Neither of them feels out of place or awkward – quite opposite actually. Together they find the seats listed on the ticket and claim it as theirs.

Before they sit, he helps her shed her jacket. Here, inside the theater room, he doesn’t hide his open appreciation of her. For a minute he allows his hand to run between silk coat and satin skin. he sighs. “You feel exactly the way I remember.”

She doesn’t answer. He takes his seat without saying more. They sit side by side, so close that their legs are touching. They order their regular drinks and make small unimportant talk as they wait for the show to start. Looking around the room shows an audience of couples not unlike themselves. Young, successful, beautiful, wealthy. He takes out a cigarette and lights it. He offers her one as a reflex. She smiles. It has been years since they split and years more since she smoked. It would seem that cigarettes, like thoughts of her, proved too hard of a habit for him to kick.

 The waitress brings the libations as the lights dim.

 The music is exotic. Asian influenced with a myriad of spectacular bells. There is a low rhythmic bass line the leads the “actors” out on stage.  Each actor is fairly young (somewhere around the same age she was when she first met him). Each actor stands comfortably on the stage in front of this select audience. Each starts to remove their clothes. Already these actors have mastered the art of seduction. Their eyes tell a tale and their vision makes love to each person in the audience, long before they’re actually making love to each other.

 She prefers to turn away from the stage and watch him watch them. She sees the blonde hair stand up on his neck and she knows he’s aroused. That little sign was something she learned during their years together. She wonders if the woman he’s with now ever took the time to learn his quirks and appreciate his character. Against her better judgment, she reaches out and touches his neck. Instead of pulling away, he leans into the caress.

On stage now, the actors are using their mouths to make love to each other. They are slow and patient, making the seduction and the show last. With long drawn out flicks of their tongues, they hold the theater silent and stiffly at attention.

Without warning, he turns and kisses her. His lips are hesitant at first. When he feels her response he begins to kiss her hungrily – like a man who hasn’t eaten in years. Something changes inside of both of them, something they haven’t felt in a long time. His hands hold her face and he kisses her so hard he steals any breathe she may have had to complain. Of course she would never have complained anyways.

Without a word they are hurriedly grabbing their coats and paying the waitress. They are a distraction from the show, but thankfully only a brief one. Everyone in the theater including the actors watches them leave with a knowing smile.

Outside in the cold and rain again, he leads her around the side of the building. Her mind is racing. They are far from being in private yet she doesn’t care. Right now she doesn’t give a FUCK if anyone, even her own husband, were to catch them.

He slams her and her pretty silk dress up against the rough brick side wall of the theater. It scrapes her skin. It makes her open her mouth wide for his. Full force he kisses her as hard and passionate as he was always apt to do. She moans and her own lips push back as her hands begin to fumble at his clothes. She hasn’t had time yet to think what she should or shouldn’t do. At this moment she just wants to feel him inside of her again.

Frantically he’s moving her hands away and still kissing her while he unhooks his belt and throws down his fly. He grabs her hands and pulls it inside his pants and onto him. He wants her to feel exactly how much he missed her and how hard and ready he is for her.  

His own hands invade up under her dress. He can feel her soaked through her panties. When the hell did she start wearing panties? He rips them aside so that his fingers can get at her. Those long fingers of his that minutes ago were gently holding her hand were now roughly pumping into her. She moaned and he knew he had her – or rather, could have her.

With only some single maneuvering from them both, his cock is soon slamming into her. He had forgotten how much he loved her honey and her heat. He licks at her neck and the top of her cleavage like an animal. All the while she digs her hands into his shoulder for more leverage. He fucks her as hard as he can to make up for every single second in the part years that he hadn’t been able to be inside her. She takes it willingly and moans for more.

That kind of passion, like any extreme release of energy or emotion cannot stay intense forever. When his orgasm comes, it knocks the wind out of him and sends him reeling against her. She smiles and holds him while he recovers. Yes, she missed him. She remembers clearly when wanton acts such as these were a forecast of love instead of just pure lust.

They share a look of comrades as they pull apart from each other and began to straighten their clothes. They share a chuckle at their carelessness. Obviously there had been people passing by that must have seen them. They pretended to be modest, when in fact neither of them really cared nor were either of them sorry.

This time when he offers her a cigarette, she takes it. She has a little difficulty lighting it but finally manages. She inhales too much and coughs a little. She feels seventeen years old again, like when she had her first cigarette ever.  In the fading light of evening, as he brushes the water from his long blonde hair, she can clearly recognize in him the boy he once was. “How did we get here?” She asks. At this moment she can’t remember a single reason why they are no longer together. Whatever the reason, is couldn’t have been important enough to have ended the passion they had shared.

He doesn’t answer. Instead he smiles and takes her hand to help her step across the curb from the sidewalk back to the car. His touch is no longer claiming. Now it is painful and sad. They both climb in the back of the car and supply the driver with her address. Soon they are in traffic. She will be dropped off first and them him.

With a sign he reclines back into the vinyl and wraps his arm around her shoulders as they sit. It is impossible not to want to melt into that embrace. It is all either has to offer the other now or in the future. They are silent the entire ride, the magic of the show is gone.

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