Birthday plus “Kiss Me” (short read)

Yesterday was my dear husband’s 35th birthday.

At first i tried planning a party to celebrate the occasion. I thought I’d rent a hall, make food and invite our friends. And then I got greedy and thought I’d prefer to have him all to myself. We decide to go on a trip. He picked 6 places that wanted to go to and then we did the research to see what kind of budget and time we’d need to fully explore each place. He settled on Niagara Falls, because they are close, do-able in two days and it was where we honeymooned 5 years ago (as of October 11). Then we scrapped the idea. one, it’s difficult getting to Niagara Falls from where we live if you don’t plan to drive. Secondly it’s very expensive the week before Thanksgiving to stay/do anything in a major tourist area, Third point — we’ve had a very rainy summer/fall (as I type this we’re having a brief reprieve before an expected thunder shower). No sense going if it’s going to be wet and cold.

So instead I surprised him with a day trip out to a local landmark that he had never been to before: The Ontario Science Center. Apparently there are over 300 science centers around the globe!


He was surprised and really liked it, especially the different experiments with sound. Considering how tired we both are today I would say that it was a definite success. When we got back into town we met my parents for dinner and we could barely keep our eyes open!

Today the birthday celebrations continue with his family. It’s always so nice to be around family and friends as the years pass. It makes the pain of getting older a little easier to take!

Today’s sort read is a romantic one — at least in my view it is! I hope you enjoy it. As always dear reader, I love your feedback! Feel free to Tweet me your thoughts @jadebelfry

Kiss Me

I’m usually so shy but when you look at me I’m suddenly brave. Probably because when you look at me, you really take your time and your eyes find every part of me. Neither my favorite parts nor my flaws are save from your gaze and that’s okay. Because when you look at me I feel beautiful. You make me feel like I’m more than just the little punk kid that everyone else sees, You look at me like I’m someone to be desired, because today it’s clear that you desire me.

You walk around me, I stand still as you enter and exit my eye line. I allow you this appraisal because right now it feels more like foreplay than ever before. Maybe, just maybe, you will allow me something more from you. My mind is racing but I try not to let you see how hungry I am for you. I try to be the good student, the patient student, but Sir, it’s been so long and I am starting to starving.

You smile, but only slightly. And for the first time I feel like you’re a tad unsure. You have no reason to be, and it’s not your character to be anything less than confident and in control.  Usually you are aloof, and a tiny bit cocky. I love it. God, you know I want you, so why are you hesitating?

Then, slowly, you make a decision. Your smile grows and becomes predatory. I smile too, because well, I’m nervous and it feels like as good a thing to do as any. With acceptance, the danger in your hazel eyes double. It does something to me. I can feel the need building inside of me. You say nothing.  You are beside me and your hand is oddly clumsy. It knocks against mine. Not seeking to hold, just seeking touch. This is the beginning of something.

You know, you feel, you anticipate. I bite my lip. I know, I feel, I anticipate.

Your eyes stare directly into mine as it begins. Slowly you move towards me. The action begins in the tight muscles of your neck and slowly makes its way across your body. Soon every bit of you is reaching towards every part of me. Your palms win the race. They find my hips and they take hold, sure. Your strong, smooth dark hands gently pull me towards you.

I take a chance. Hopefully I am not reading you wrong. Hopefully later you will forgive my bold actions. I take a deep breath as I raise my hands. My inexperienced fingertips find your rough cheeks. My hands brush against your face and you do not flinch. You allow me to continue, as I move my caress up to your temples until my fingers take take root in your dark hair. So wild and untamed. I’ve ached to touch these strands, and now I hold onto them tightly.

And at this point your eyes close. It surprised me. Perhaps it’s a reflex, but mine close in response. My senses are now on edge and my anticipation heightened. I feel you pull my hips tightly against yours. We are together. I can feel every part of you, from your heart beating to the slight shake in your legs, Could it be possible for you to be in control and yet as be just as scared as I am?

Something breaks inside of me and I see you as human. Of course I always knew you as human, that’s not what I meant. But now you are real. You are a person like me with hope and dreams and fears and desires. Suddenly it doesn’t seem to be too much to hope for that one day you would love me as much as I’ve always loved you. Oh God, if it’s possible I want it. I want it so badly.

I feel your breath on my lips…

Then I feel your lips as they press against mine. I hold my breath and savor the feeling. Your lips are softer and more gentle than I had imagined. You are tender with me and my stomach flips around like a butterfly, In the past few seconds you have shown me more sides of yourself than I thought possible. I love every one. Oh God, my brain shuts off as your kiss deepens, You show me passion through the increase in pressure of your mouth over mine. You pull me impossibly closer as you devour me. Your tongue touches mine, capture it  and own it just like you own me heart and soul. But I am not a passive captive. My tongue massages against yours and maybe I moan a little.

I feel you smile against my lips. “You like that?”

I let go of your hair and I nod. Of course I liked that. I loved that, Sir.

I think it but I don’t say it. You could probably read it in my eyes anyway or hear it in how hard my heart is beating, For the moment, satisfied, you pull back. Your mission has been accomplished. With a new kind of smile and a far different hunger, I chuckle nervously. You have taught me my first lesson, and I am ready for more. I am ready for you.


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