Favourites plus “The Things I could do to You (if you’d let me)” (short read)

I thought today I would share some of my favourite things with you.

Last week I posted some hints as to who my favourite erotic authors are. Here are some other favourites to help you get to know my more. Although I caution that these lists are just how I’m feeling today and may change at any time…

Books (non erotic or else we would be here all day) – In Time – Ernest Hemingway, The Bell Jay – Sylvia Plath, The Catcher in the Rye – JD Salinger, Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk.

Movies – True Romance, Fight Club, Vanilla Sky, Chasing Amy, Fast & Furious, Fireproof.

Music – So much of everything! Nova Rockafeller, Black Keys, Meg Myers, Hoodie Allen, Jason Mraz, Courtney Love, Walk off the Earth, etc. Newest discovery: Jimmy Nevis.

Tv Shows – I don’t watch as much TV as I used to, I prefer now to read (or write) but I have enjoyed True Blood, Under the Dome and Arrow recently.

Also: I prefer twitter to myspace, vine to instagram, texting to talking on the phone, podcasts to listening to the radio (Get Up On This is the best).


And now onto the story! It’s told in first person, a departure for me. It’s also more poetic than my usual works…although I do believe strongly that every good story has to have some elements of poetic beauty in them. As always, please share your thoughts with me. You can contact me here or through twitter (@jadebelfry) or facebook. 


The Things I would do to You (if you’d let me)

I remember that you have soft hands and even softer lips. I sit down beside you to get closer to those features I adore. There’s a man on either side of us, but you don’t pay him no mind. You’re talking, excited, rushing, pushing words out of your lovely mouth. I try not to laugh at your excitement.

“What do you want me to do?” I ask.

You hesitate a minute. It’s hard to transcribe desire into words for you. “Whatever you want.” You shrug and look away,

You begin to talk about something else. Something mundane. You’re making conversation to avoid kissing me. You’re nervous. We both know it, but it’s okay. I take your hand in both of mine and lightly stroke it to help make you feel more comfortable. You feel so warm. You don’t know exactly what’s coming next between us, but you have a good idea.

I can’t help it. I can’t hold back anymore. You said that I could do whatever I wanted to do to you, so I kiss you. I cut you off mid sentence with my action. You’re surprised but it’s okay.

You smile against my lips.

My kisses are soft and sweet at first, respectful yet sexy. I gain your trust then begin to kiss you with more passion and pressure. My tongue touches yours.  It feels slippery and electric inside your mouth.

My hand flies up to caress the side of your face and your long soft hair — caramel ringlets shining perfectly in the dim, low light. I follow the strands with my eyes, and then with my lips. I kiss you where your curls fall against your neck.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” I whisper.

Your only answer is a moan.

“You’re so beautiful” I whisper again. You’re speechless, I don’t think anyone’s told you that before. “Shhh, that’s okay, it’s true. You’re beautiful and incredibly sexy.” You laugh nervously and try to wave off my words. “I want you.” I admit. Your eyes close in response, overwhelmed by need.

My fingers find their way to the top of your cleavage. Yeah I’m glad your wearing that top again. You say it’s old and plain, and yet I can see how nicely it shows off your large, full breasts. Thank you for that. Usually you’re self conscious about them, and your body scared by your stretch marks that you earned for your son. I catch your eye as I admire the grace of your body. You really are amazing. If we were alone, you would be bare by now. I wouldn’t waste a second not touching, licking, sucking or teasing you.

That sounds like such a good idea. I grab your hand and pull you too your feet. Your eyes spring open in surprise, but you follow me without a word as I drag you out of this dark seedy bar and onto the street. I look quickly around for somewhere private. This is a popular neighbourhood and sometimes it’s hard to escape the glare of the lights. We circle back around the building. The bottom of the fire escape is housed in a tiny alcove.

I place you on the stairs and you watch me as I reach for your belt. You’re so desperate you push my fumbling hands away and take over. You probably should be debating if you should let me do this or not. But it’s so hard to resist when we’ve both dreamed of this inside our heads. It almost feels unreal as I ease your jeans slowly down over your knees. Both of us are far too turned on to stop. I can now see how wet and ready for me you really are. You’ve soaked completely through your panties, darkening the pink silk to a deep damp red.

You shutter a little as I first taste you. You’re sweet like honey. You move your hips by instinct. I re-position myself and find a rhythm. I let your response guide me. I would do anything at this point to bring you pleasure. I am completely enthralled with you. I’ve been that way for a while, but only tonight did I realize that the admiration was mutual. I can taste the effect I have on you on my tongue. You feel so different on the inside. I listen to your heavy breathing, your moans, your painting out my name. With a cry your body spasms and your press the full power of your body against my face and hands.

As you recover you begin to shiver a bit. You chuckle to yourself nervously. But there is no room for regret in this quiet night. 
You and I will share a sly smile. One that tells you that neither of us have yet been sated. You pull up your jeans and then pull me to you. Your lips crash against mine and you kiss me full on, exactly the way you’ve always wanted to kiss me. This is your opportunity to take control. You suggest we hail a cab and continue this in your apartment. I absolutely agree. Not that you have come once, we can rest and take out time with each other.

In private you touch me. In private you make love to me. We explore and touch and fumble towards ecstasy together.  After dawn we lay together, silent, sweaty and spent. In gratitude I kiss your soft hands and even softer lips. You wrap me in your beautiful embrace and together, finally, we find peace in sleep.

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