Submitted and “Can I take a Bath with You?” (short read)


It is nerve racking to press that SEND button, but I did it. I have submitted my manuscript for publication. Now the wait begins.

I meant the wait for me, dear reader, because I would never want to bring you to the edge and not give you satisfaction! I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite short stores. Please let me know if you enjoy it.

WARNING: NSFW! Explicit language.


Can I take a Bath with You?

The water sounds loud at first when she turns on the tap and it startles her a bit. She timidly sticks her hand into the water…yes, it’s just the right temperature…and lets the stream wash over her wrist for a minute. She reaches for the bottle of bubbles on the counter. Childish sure, but it will be fun and helps to keep her modest. She adds a cap full to the running water and watches them start to rise. She takes two of the stuff white hotel towels and places them closer to the water’s edge. They will come in handy later. She wants everything to be perfect. She turns off the water and admires the full tub. Now…is that it?

 Water, bubbles, towel…fuck, candles. She forgot the candles. Stupid goddamned candles! Okay, okay, well it’s not exactly a tragedy. Candles might have been too much. Okay, okay, good. No candles will be okay.

 She steps back for a second to admire her work. It’s a regular hotel room…you know bad carpet, a large bed and a lot of brown. That’s not the reason why she chose it. She picked it because of this special Jacuzzi tub. “Big enough for two to enjoy” had said the helpful representative on the phone. Sold! She imagined how nice it would be for them both to relax and share a bath together. Perfect.

She had checked in just minutes ago and gone to work on her task. This was to be a special romantic retreat for them. She had dropped off an envelope at his work today…inside it was the only other key to this room.

She imagined how broad the smile on his face was when he opened that envelope. He had called her cell immediately afterward but she let it go directly to voice mail. “Very clever, pretty girl. I finish at the usual time so I should be there about ten.”

She checked her watch for what felt like the hundredth time since she got there. It was almost ten…but not quite. She paced a bit. She checked her hair and make-up in the mirror. She had her hair down the way he liked it. She brushed it back off her face a bit. Then fiddled with the cuff of her fancy silk shirt.

Shirt. Hmmm…She took a look at herself. Knee length black skirt, sexy stocking, black high heels…the clothes she had put on this morning to go to the office. This morning it had looked perfect but now it looked…stuffy. Hmmm…

Maybe it would be better if she changed. She took off her clothes and folded them neatly on the vanity. In her purse she had another surprise for him. She took out her new negligee, soft and light pink with a matching thong. It wasn’t exactly her usual style but it made her feel beautiful (and maybe as beautiful as he always claimed she was). She took pleasure in slipping the material over her head and pulled it down. It felt slightly cold against her naked body. The sheer material hugged her ass and showed off her breasts perfectly. Good, excellent. Now she was ready.

 Unable to relax, she paced some more. She couldn’t check her watch because she had taken it off and placed it with her work clothes. Damn. She circled the small room again. The material of her nightie swayed against her legs with every step and, surprisingly, her nervousness began to give way to arousal.

 She sat on the edge of the bed. Her legs looked good, they looked sexy. Freshly shaved, they felt soft…her whole body felt smooth, even her arms and chest. Hmmm, but maybe softer if she put some lotion on. She got up, got a small travel sized bottle from her purse and perched on the side of the tub to apply it.

Done. She rinsed her hands off in the tub. Oooooh, that water is nice. Almost perfect. It felt so nice. On a whim, she swung her legs over the side and down into the warm water. She surprised herself by moaning. The water felt soooo good. The heat made her feel flushed. After sitting there a few minutes, her sexy night grown felt too stuffy and heavy. She pulled it over her head and lazily dropped it somewhere near the vanity. The thong quickly followed. It wasn’t like her to be so careless but she was just so…hot.

Slowly she eased her body down all the way into the water. She had planned to wait for him — hopefully he found find it just as sexy for her to already be in the tub waiting for him. She eased herself down in the water in until only the tops of her breasts showed. Her erect nipples bobbed in the bubbles. She moan again – and then laughed at herself for it. This was really nice, she thought to herself, he’ll really enjoy relaxing in here with me.

 She imagined him undressing and slipping under the water with her. She imagined the feel of his hands on her and how it would be hard for him to hide his obvious arousal. Just, as it seemed, it was become hard for her to hide her own. Here imagination as much as the water was making her wet.

Before she could stop herself, her hands were under the water. It didn’t take much searching for her fingers to find her clit. She hadn’t meant to rub her clit, but It felt so good to touch herself. Planning tonight she’d been so distracted that she had forgotten to take care of herself this week. A very unfortunate omission.

Gingerly she slipped a finger inside of herself and then two. She remembered well what his cock felt like when he went inside her. So thick and hard. She remembered the very last time they had sex – not long ago truthfully, but just long enough to make her miss his heat. 

The last time had been amazing. He had finished inside her after pounding her harder than usual. Without realizing it, her fingers now matched his rough rhythm on that night. Her free hand grabbed at her nipples and pulled on them gently like he had done. Her body responded by slamming her quickly towards orgasm.

Her cries of pleasure blocked out the sound of his key slipping into the lock. He heard them though, and followed them into the bathroom. He found her, head back and spent reclining in the bubbles. Her hair was wet and clinging to her shoulders. Her face was flushed and her chest still heaving from the heavy breathing. His surprise was even better than he had hoped. Without a doubt this was the most beautiful he had ever seen her look in her life.

 “Hi there, pretty girl.”

 She jumped at the sound of her voice. “Oh shit” embarrassed, she whispered under her breath. The pleasure of just a few moments ago had passed. Now she felt terrible. Her carelessness has ruined all of her careful plans! He was supposed to walk in and find her well dressed – and dry – she had carefully planned this night for him! Instead he was the one who had done the surprising. She blushed in shame. Fuck!

She quickly stood up and grabbed a towel and readied herself to get out of the tub. She looked frantically for her night gown. Oh God, where had she tossed it?

His smile broadened as he saw her reaction. He loved that she didn’t realize the effect she had on him at this moment. He dropped his key onto the vanity and walked towards the tub and her. He reached her – and stopped her – when she attempted to step down onto the carpet.

 “I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you, I had planned for us to…”

 He cut her off with a kiss. It was strong and passionate. He kissed her hard. When he finally pulled back, she saw his smile.

 “Can I take a bath with you?” he asked.

She slowly smiled too. Maybe she hadn’t ruined everything after all. She gave him a sexy look, then nodded and sat back down in the water. Now she was ready for him.

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