As of last night, roughly 5:25pm (17:25 EST), I typed to words “The END”.


This means that my manuscript, A Perfect Dominant is now complete. It feels good. I’m especially excited with the final three chapters which seemed to write themselves.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Vincent and Mia became like friends during the process, and their love story inspires me (for a synopsis of their story, see the blog post below).

My next story will be A Perfect Submissive. It’s the story of Mia’s best friend James. I don’t have all of the plot figured out yet — I like it best when a story unfolds as I write it. That way I can be just  as surprised by the twists and turns as my readers are.

During the next few weeks I’ll start work on the beats and write my first draft. Because it’s so early in the process, I have no spoilers for you. I can though hint that a sweet blonde secretary has her eye on James.


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